Today’s Immigration Headlines – May 19, 2015

Obama Administration Says It Can Remake Policy Unilaterally in Court Filing

“The Obama administration asked the U.S. Court of Appeals in New Orleans Monday to set aside a court order blocking the program while 26 states fight to throw it out completely. The White House repeated its insistence that the president has exclusive authority to enforce immigration laws and can adjust policies as he sees fit. Fourteen states have sided with the White House in the case, arguing the benefits of immigration outweigh its costs. The Texas-led suit poses ‘a substantial risk of interfering with the government’s ability to speak with one voice on matters that may affect trade, investment, tourism and diplomatic relations for the entire nation,’ the administration argued,” Bloomberg News says.

Obama Police Task Force Says to Stop Local Police Cooperation

“The administration issued a report Monday saying that in order to rebuild trust between police and their communities, the federal government should stop enlisting state and local police in most immigration enforcement, setting up another challenge as President Obama tries to please immigrant rights advocates while carrying out deportations,” the Washington Times reports.

Obama Commission on Riots Says Immigration Enforcement Must Go

“State and local law enforcement should not b”e involved in immigration enforcement, President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing concludes in part. Monday, the presidential task force publicly released its final report ‘to strengthen community policing and trust among law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.’ More than 100-pages in length, the report offers best practices and suggestions for law enforcement to improve interactions with their communities,” Breitbart reported.

Cruz Amendment Would Stop Immigration Changes Due to Trade Agreement

“Presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz wants to tie a fight over immigration to the fast-track trade legislation currently before the Senate. The Texas Republican has filed an amendment that would block any trade agreements that ‘alter or affect any law, regulation, or policy relating to immigration,’” The Hill reports.

Christie Says Giving Citizenship to Illegal Aliens “Extreme”

“New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday rejected a proposed pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants as “extreme,” and sought to draw a contrast between himself and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. In an interview on Fox News, the potential Republican 2016 presidential candidate said that while he once supported a path for undocumented immigrants to become citizens, his experience as governor of New Jersey had led him to change his position,” the Wall Street Journal writes.

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  1. Christie Changes His Tune on Amnesty?

    If elected President he’ll be back in the pro-amnesty camp, quick as a whistle….