nancy_pelosi_cakeWhen you can’t win an argument with reason, call your opponent names. That’s a juvenile practice that sometimes appears on grade school playgrounds. But, unfortunately it is also often used by apologists for illegal aliens. An excellent example of this was demonstrated on May 14 by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “This xenophobic, anti-newcomer attitude is something that is un-American.”

She was fulminating about a successful Republican-sponsored effort to sidetrack a proposal supported by all House Democrats and 20 Republicans to open the door to enlistment in the U.S. military by illegal aliens granted work permits under the Obama administration’s illegal and unconstitutional DACA (Deferred action for Childhood Arrivals) program. If the proponents of the measure had gotten their way, it would have been a step towards getting around the current prohibition against enlisting illegal aliens and opened up a route for them to get legal permanent residence (green cards).

For Pelosi to term the backers of the  that stripped amnesty-promoting language from the National Defense Authorization Act “un-American” is patently childish rhetoric given the majority of public opinion opposes any amnesty for illegal aliens while the border remains unsecured. (See

The effort by the amnesty-backers was not only a slap at the American public, it would also have decreased enlistment opportunities for Americans and legal residents. There has been no shortage of volunteers for military service and opportunities were already shrinking as a result of military staffing cuts. That demonstrates once again that the amnesty advocates are prepared to discriminate against citizens and legal residents in order to reward illegal aliens.