Drivers License Bill Advances in Texas

Driver's License“On April 27, the Texas House Committee on State Affairs passed House Bill (“H.B.”) 4063, which grants driving privileges to illegal aliens living in Texas by creating a new conditional driver’s permit. The Committee passed H.B. 4063 by a 7-3 vote, with two Committee members absent. (Texas Legislature Online)” notes the latest Legislative Update from FAIR.

“State Representative Byron Cook, sponsor of H.B. 4065, argued that granting driving privileges to illegal aliens will make roads safer because of the large number of illegal aliens residing in Texas.”

Read more at FAIR’s Legislative Update

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  1. avatar BeResponsible2 says:

    a question for legislators: Please explain what will happen when an illegal alien that you grant these driver cards will do when there is a traffic warning ahead that says “Hazard! slow down do to accident ahead” in english and that illegal alien doesn’t read or understand english?…. and then plows their vehicle into the location of the hazard? Answer: try more dead people. Texas or any state legislators, if that is the case, may those dead be one or more of your own. not mine.

  2. There are many Rhino Republicans, ex democrats playing the game to infiltrate and destroy conservative republicans. Join a Tea Party Group and get involved in your local County Republican Party.

  3. avatar Jim in Virginia says:

    Greg Abbott needs to veto this bill if it makes it to his desk. It undercuts their rational for fighting Obama’s amnesty in court, citing the expense to the stat of having to produce all these drivers licenses for the illegals. Not a smart move by Texas.

    • avatar Leland says:

      You;re right there. How do you sue to stop his amnesty and then you’re going to reward illegals with licenses?

  4. They Hand Out Drivers Licenses to Non-citizens Like They Were Candy

    Then cover-up the driving without insurance, the DUI surges and other related crimes.

  5. avatar Stephenie says:

    We need to make sure this doesn’t happen.
    Texas will soon be just like Illinois.
    We have a crap load of people who call themselves Republicans in Austin and you’d never know it.

  6. avatar devielle says:

    If they were deported lke they should have been there would not be a problem. If they broke our laws to get here, why would they obey any laws now? Lets all give them what they need to take over. We are the nice guys and nice guys finish last. Wake up, wise up.

  7. avatar Leland says:

    Make roads safer? Don’t illegals who drive actually drive safer because they don’t have a license and are going to do everything they can not to be stopped? But then, when it comes to pandering to the Latino community for votes, common sense goes out the window.

    • avatar Dan says:

      Does this mean they will have to have insurance to drive? Does citizenship mean nothing anymore?