Today’s Immigration Headlines – May 13, 2015

Slate Takes on the Investor Visa Scam

“A recent spate of newspaper stories has revealed that several countries around the world have started selling citizenship to foreigners. Some of the stories imply that this is a scam, possibly a dangerous scam that could benefit only money launderers and terrorists. The idea of governments hawking citizenship to the highest bidder makes people queasy. But the programs make sense for the countries involved and don’t pose a danger to anyone,” says Eric Posner at Slate.

“If you want to find a real scam involving a country that sells citizenship to foreigners, you don’t need to look overseas. Here at home we do just that with a ludicrous program for ‘immigrant investors.’ It’s the worst combination of bad economics, political cronyism, and unfairness—and it has been endorsed by saints of capitalism Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.”

DOJ Admitted it Violated Judges Injunction in Amnesty Suit

“In another midnight filing last week in the immigration lawsuit filed by 26 states against the Obama administration in the Southern District of Texas, the U.S. Justice Department admitted that the Department of Homeland Security had violated federal Judge Andrew Hanen’s Feb. 16 injunction against President Obama’s immigration amnesty plan,” the Daily Signal writes.

“This was not the first such admission by the government. It had previously filed an ‘Advisory’ on March 3 informing Judge Hanen that between Nov. 20, 2014, when the president announced his immigration plan, and Feb. 16 when the injunction was issued, the Department of Homeland Security had begun implementing part of the president’s plan by issuing three-year deferrals to over 100,000 illegal aliens.”

Bush Says He Hasn’t Thought About Solution for Parents of Illegal Aliens

“On Tuesday, former Florida Governor and prospective GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush said that he hadn’t ‘thought about’ what to do with parents of children who fell under the DREAM Act, and that it is ‘hard to imagine’ dealing with illegal immigrants in the US aside from ‘a path to earned legal status,’” Breitbart News reports.

“Bush began, ‘We need to control the border, for sure. Legal immigration needs to be easier than illegal immigration, and there are times where that’s not the case. We need to enforce the law as it relates to people coming legally and not staying. We need to have an e-verify system. All of that, there’s broad agreement on. This president hasn’t acted on it. You shouldn’t have a president that signs executive orders that are — not within his constitutional authority as it relates to allowing people to stay. All of those things are important.’”

Expose of Nail Salons Shows Impact of Illegal Immigration

“It is a tableau that doesn’t feel very American or very modern. We thought we had put the age of sweatshops behind us, but we hadn’t. It turns out that sweatshops are where New York City women go to get their mani-pedis. The Times story is, in part, about the ugly underbelly of immigration. The salons are what an industry that subsists on substantial illegal labor looks like,” says Rich Lowry at National Review.

Maternity Tourism A Big Business

“There are many reasons to have a baby in the U.S. The air is cleaner, the doctors generally are better, and pain medication is dispensed more readily. Couples can evade China’s one-child policy, because they don’t have to register the birth with local authorities. The main appeal of being a ‘birth tourist,’ though, is that the newborn goes home with a U.S. passport. The 14th Amendment decrees that almost any child born on U.S. soil is automatically a citizen; the only exception is a child born to diplomats. He and her husband paid USA Happy Baby $50,000 to have an American son. If they had to, she says, they’d have paid more,” says Bloomberg News.

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  1. Open Border Lawlessness

    Has no end.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    This administration can lie to the media and the general public, but it’s not a good idea to lie to a federal judge. They should have been taking every care to see that the judge’s direct orders were complied with. But I guess they were a little rusty in obeying direct legal orders since they seem to regard the law as whatever they define it to be.

    As for Bloomberg saying about birthright citizenship that “the only exception is a child born to diplomats”, that is not true. There is also an exception for children born to an invading army. It would not be much of a stretch to say we are giving citizenship to the children of illegal invaders.