Today’s Immigration Headlines – May 6, 2015

Double Standards at Full Mast in Response to ISIS Attack in Texas

“Even as I write this, I can feel the Overton Window shifting. Let the record show that when a death squad descended on Pamela Geller’s event in Texas with the aim of killing Geller for speaking freely, the “mainstream” response was to provide the death squad with golden parachutes of sophistry and moral equivalence. It was the finest of East Coast intellectual output,” says Robert Wargas.

“The identity-politics framework sees American society (all of Western civilization, in fact) as a structure, a machine expertly tuned to produce benefits only for the Oppressor. Some people always win; some always lose. Thus Geller is the real aggressor, even when she’s being shot at. The death squad was merely reacting to overwhelming forces within the structure. This is the basic logic behind most of our contemporary debate, such as it is, on everything from free speech to immigration to race riots to voter ID laws.”

Does ISIS Have 71 Terrorists in the U.S. Ready to Attack?

“Less than a week after two jihadists attempted to assault a ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest in Garland, Texas and one day after the Islamic State officially took credit for the attack, a statement claiming to come from ISIS leadership in America has appeared online threatening the event’s organizer, Pamela Geller, and asserting that “15 states” have been infiltrated by the terrorist group,” Breitbart News says.

Pro-Amnesty Students Put Up “Border Wall” Art Project at UC Campus

“Last week, many Santa Clara University students had to slightly alter their routes to class. On the lawn between Benson Memorial Center, the main dining facility and home to other student services, and Kenna Hall, which contains classrooms and the on-campus tutoring center, stood a mock border wall,” USA Today reports.

Huckabee Enters GOP Race, Positions as Pro-Worker

“Former Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee launched his 2016 bid for the Republican nomination here on Tuesday, almost a decade after he ended his tenure as governor—a position in which he served from 1996 until 2007, when he launched a bid for the White House in the 2008 election. That year, Huckabee won Iowa in the Republican nominating battle but fizzled out afterward. He’s remained a national political force since as an anchor of a show bearing his name on Fox News,” Breitbart News says.

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  1. avatar Md Masud says:

    I think it’s very important for me.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    I heard plenty of the “free speech, but” rhetoric. And plenty of people saying “how could that cartoon exhibit be allowed?” Only politically correct bootlickers say such a thing. This country has had nearly two and half centuries of criticism and mockery of every major religion. But because one religion that is stuck in the 15th century threatens violence then that means the rest of us have to shut up. What’s the difference between them and the Inquisition? The answer is none. Knuckle under or else.

    And the students who put up a “mock border wall” at Santa Clara University need to answer the obvious question that their protest brings up. Do they think that there should be no border enforcement at all, that we should have absolutely open borders. I find that when you ask people such questions they immediately go into “I’m not saying that” mode. Oh? Then what exactly are you saying? They say “we can’t admit everyone”. Uh ok, so why are you protesting border enforcement. Typical flat line non thinking.