Today’s Immigration Headlines – May 5, 2015

Defense Bill Latest Immigration Battleground

“A battle is brewing in the Republican Party over whether illegal immigrants granted deferred deportation by President Obama should be eligible to serve in the military. Anti-immigration hard-liners and vulnerable Republicans who represent districts with large Hispanic populations are battling over provisions in the annual Defense authorization bill, which is set to come to the House floor next week,” The Hill reports.

GOP Not as Interested in Defunding

“Hill Republicans have all but surrendered the fight against President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration. A handful of GOP firebrands are still agitating to use Congress’ power of the purse to reverse Obama’s move to shield millions of immigrants here illegally from deportations,” Politico reports.

Arpaio Suit Gets Appeals Court Hearing

“Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lawsuit against Obama administration immigration policies met a chilly reception Monday at a federal appeals court, which appeared unlikely to revive the case. The sheriff of Maricopa County, a vocal critic of illegal immigration, filed suit in November, shortly after the administration announced it would give millions of illegal immigrants who are parents of citizens or permanent residents a reprieve from deportation,” the Wall Street Journal writes.

Immigration Stalemate

“Politicians like to say they are debating what should happen tomorrow, but way too often they are instead locked in argument about something that happened yesterday. A classic case: the current immigration debate. In three years of trying, Congress has failed in high-profile efforts to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws. Meanwhile, the early 2016 Republican presidential sweepstakes are heavily colored by debate over what candidates will or won’t do, or have or haven’t done, about immigration,” says Gerald Seib in the Wall Street Journal.

Clinton to Call for Amnesty for All Illegal Aliens

“Hillary Clinton, making her first visit to Nevada since she announced her 2016 presidential run, will call for a path to citizenship for some 11 million people in the U.S. illegally, and contrast that position with Republican contenders who stop short of that stance. In 2013, the Senate passed legislation with some GOP support that offered the chance for citizenship for those who qualified. But that bill died in the Republican-controlled House, and GOP support for the idea has dried up. Mrs. Clinton plans to meet with young people at a Las Vegas high school,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

McCain Tacks Toward Enforcement As Election Looms

“U.S. Sen. John McCain on Wednesday sparred with Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson over border security in the latest sign of the Arizona Republican’s toughening attitude on immigration in advance of a potentially competitive primary,” the Arizona Republic says.

“McCain was the lead Republican negotiator on the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the U.S. Senate in 2013. The following year, McCain was formally censured by Arizona Republican Party as too liberal on immigration, “amnesty,” and other issues. In April, he announced he is running for a sixth term in 2016 and a conservative primary challenger is expected.”

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  1. avatar Kyle says:

    Haven’t U.S. citizens endured enough of these illegal alien pandering, lowlife Dems, and the bait & switch, spineless Republicans already?

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Not only are the Republicans not going to defund the presidential amnesty, they have shown no interest in passing bills for mandatory e-verify, penalties for illegal use of SS numbers, and a secure border. These are all amendments they tried to attach to the Senate gang of 8 amnesty bill a couple years ago. But they did not have the votes to do that.

    Now they control both houses of Congress, and for all their huffing and puffing about how the public voted in 2014 to stop amnesty and for more enforcement, they do nothing now. So obviously that was all hot air. No better than the Democrats. Streetwalkers have more integrity than Congress. At least they’re honest about what they do.

    As for Hillary and her “full and equal” citizenship for illegals, no doubt about where she stands. It’s a slap in the face to the law abiding citizens of this country. We are rewarding people who are present here because of illegal entry or overstaying a visa and they are using false or stolen ID to work. Essentially we are giving the prize of American citizenship, something half the world would gladly accept, to criminals who have expressed their contempt for our laws. Fine shining examples of what we want for this country.