Today’s Immigration Headlines – April 28, 2015

Victor Davis Hanson: Time to Look at Immigration Honestly

“Is immigrating from less-developed countries to the West a good or a bad thing, for host and guest? Is the immigrant angry at, or nostalgic for, the country he left? Is he thankful to or resentful of the country he has come to? Does the Westerner know why the other seeks him out or why he himself chooses not to emigrate to the non-West? These questions and dozens like them are not so much never answered as never even asked. The result is chaos,” says Victor Davis Hanson.

Missing the Point

“Last Monday, Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s Republican governor and a presumed GOP presidential hopeful, kicked the hornets’ nest that is the immigration debate. He told Glenn Beck’s radio show that America needs to ‘make decisions about a legal immigration system that’s based on, first and foremost, protecting American workers and American wages,” and that this concern should be “at the forefront of our discussion going forward,’” says Jeff Spross at The Week.

“Lumping both forms of immigration together as equally questionable makes sense from an economic perspective; market forces don’t care about legal formalities like borders. But it takes near-cosmic chutzpah for Walker to say our first concern should be American wages and workers, given that pretty much every policy move by the Republican Party and the conservative movement seems designed to keep lower class incomes as depressed as possible.”

Sessions Tells DHS Secretary Agency Lacks Will to Enforce the Law

“At Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) told Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson that the Obama administration’s “lack of will” to enforce the country’s immigration laws has led millions of potential illegal immigrants to believe they will not be deported if they find a way to enter the country,” Breitbart News says.

“‘We see a lack of will in your department,’ Sessions said, pointing out that the lack of will existed “before you took the office” and “from the president on down.”

Walker Hits Back Against WSJ Criticism

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is hitting back at a Wall Street Journal opinion piece that criticized him for recent comments he made saying American workers and American wages should be kept in mind when making decisions on legal immigration. Mr. Walkertold radio host Howie Carr his position on immigration is ‘simple’ and that it starts with securing the borders and having an effective E-Verify system,” the Washington Times says.

Grassley Says No Plans To Rewrite Law

“The U.S. Senate has no plans to write immigration legislation during the 114th Congress, according to the chairman of the committee in which it would originate. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the new chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, made the comments while laying out the panel’s agenda during a press conference Monday at the National Press Club,” reported.

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  1. The Immigration Mess in America Reminds Me of an Asylum

    Has anyone read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey? I’m sure most of you saw the movie with Jack Nicholson playing the part of Mac. The immigration mess reminds of that book/movie….an open borders asylum that once we break out we become normal again.

  2. avatar Joel Wischkaemper says:

    Grassley Says No Plans To Rewrite Law
    The old Immigration Law keeps the immigration rate very high, and supplies a lot of people to apply for jobs. One job.. one hundred immigrants to apply, and in the meantime, those that qualify can collect unemployment.

    It is exactly the same thing as saying the American People do not enter into the plans to govern.

  3. avatar SecBorders says:

    Lake Mead Has Dropped To Its Lowest Level Ever
    Less water, less electricity

    By Mary Beth Grigg-Popular Science

    –“California isn’t the only one having a water crisis. Yesterday, Lake Mead sank to its lowest level yet. The watery behemoth created by the construction of the Hoover Dam in the 1930s was reduced to a mere 1,080.07 feet above sea level…”

    –“ To address the decreasing water supply to communities in the region, engineers are also working on a much deeper intake point, the Third Straw, ensuring that a thirsty Las Vegas will be able to suck water from the bottom of the lake even as the surface level falls.

    Read our feature on how the fortunes of Las Vegas will rise and fall with Lake Mead from our 2014 Water Issue…”

    And Harry Reid is in favor of mass illegal/legal immigration fueled population growth. What an corrupt idiot.

    • avatar Leland says:

      And he used to be for ending birthright citizenship until he decided there were more votes to be gained by dropping support for that.

  4. avatar Leland says:

    So the Senate has “no plans to write immigration legislation during the 114th Congress”? Why not? How about an e-verify bill? Secure border bill? Republicans have the votes to pass them in both houses and the president may well veto them but that puts the blame on him. How about the amendments Republicans tried to attach to the Senate “reform” bill 2 years ago? It would be easy to do those as stand alone bills. You got elected last year because you made it clear you were opposed to this administration’s policies. So now you’re going to say you won’t do anything? That makes you different from the Democrats how? It doesn’t.