Today’s Immigration Headlines – April 27, 2015

Ellis Island Museum to Get an Update

“Everywhere in America, immigration is an unending story. Everywhere, that is, except at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, where the story ends in 1954, when the immigrant processing and detention station there was closed. Next month, however, the museum will leap more than 60 years forward with the opening of two new galleries in what had once been the station’s kitchen and laundry. They pick up the narrative where it was left off,” the New York Times reports.

WSJ Attacks Walker for Discussing Legal Immigration

“The Wall Street Journal took its turn Saturday lashing out at Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for saying immigration policy should prioritize American workers, in an editorial the big-business-oriented paper since had to correct. ‘Republicans used to understand this basic economic principle [more workers can mean more jobs], but the politics of immigration is turning some of them into economists for the AFL-CIO,’ the board wrote in an editorial subtitled: ‘The Governor needs a better tutor on jobs and immigration,’” the Daily Caller wrote.

Obama Amnesty Plan A Big Threat to Black Workers

“Economic and civil rights experts say increased immigration spurred by President Obama’s executive orders poses a bigger threat to the black community than police brutality or racial profiling, which have sparked protests in black communities across the country,” the Washington Times writes.

“‘It’s a bigger threat to black livelihood,’ Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, said, adding that illegal immigration ‘dwarfs’ the more inflammatory issues of police brutality, saying, ‘When you look at the hundreds of thousands of blacks thrown out of work over the years as a result of the competitive pressure the downstream effects are profound.’”

ICE Agent Shoots, Kills Fugitive

“An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer shot and killed an 18-year-old man Monday afternoon on Detroit’s northwest side.
Police say the agent — part of a fugitive task force involving ICE and officers with the Detroit Police Department — was attempting to serve an armed robbery warrant at a home in the 9500 block of Evergreen near W. Chicago when the shooting occurred,” CBS News says.

Washington Post Blogger Shocked That Some People Put Americans First

“In the GOP race Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, who sound the populist themes, paint a fearful picture of the United States under siege, try to appeal to those displaced and offer easy answers that affix themselves to the anti-immigration view of the world. They aren’t much for economic free markets, but they are about harnessing fear and resentment of those who are suffering because they lack the skills to compete in a global economy,” says Jennifer Rubin.

Walker Remarks Have Opened the Conservative Debate on Immigration

“With a few words to Glenn Beck last week, Scott Walker busted open the conservative debate on immigration,” says W. James Antle III.

“The Wisconsin governor and possible presidential candidate called for a “legal immigration system that’s based, first and foremost, on protecting American workers and American wages.” His remarks were widely circulated by Breitbart’s doggedly anti-amnesty reporter Matthew Boyle. Then the internet exploded, with some of the strongest negative reactions coming from my fellow conservatives.”

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  1. Ellis Island

    Where new immigrants for the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800s and early 1900s were needed and processed into this country legally. This was before our recent NWO job outsourcing eliminated the need for a lion’s share of American manufacturing employment. Today, we don’t need this immigrant flow, the total labor market has added about 12M jobs, but the top 10% of the household incomes grabbed any pay increases available..

    The open border pundits won’t accept this truth, so they lie about it. Snippet:

    “…The typical family barely saw any real income growth and that is why many feel a true pinch to their wallet. Yet household incomes for earners in the top 10 percent saw real sizeable growth over the last four decades….”

  2. avatar Leland says:

    The Wall Street Journal has been an open borders advocate for decades, even proposing a constitutional amendment to do just that. They are a big business mouthpiece, and all they want is unlimited cheap labor.

    Jennifer Rubin is another big business mouthpiece for “economic free markets”. She talks about “harnessing fear and resentment of those who are suffering because they lack the skills to compete in a global economy”. When I grew up several of my dad’s friend’s were carpenters. They were skilled enough for me. But the waves of illegals in the last three decades have driven many of them from the business because they can’t support a family on those low wages.

    So she thinks they should obtain “skills”. Great idea, they can all become computer programmers. Oh wait….she wants to flood that field with unlimited H1B visa workers. Her logic, I use the term loosely, would make your head spin. But then, it’s all about the already huge share of the 1% getting bigger, while everyone else fights for the scraps. She can hide behind “economic free markets” talk, but her goal is the destruction of the working class.

    Our wonderful president made a remark at the correspondent’s dinner about how he was trying to “fix our broken immigration system”. Except his policies do the exact opposite: Give continuing amnesties and all but cease interior enforcement. His “fix” is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. He also said he didn’t get credit for
    “capping the BP well” in the Gulf. After 4 months? And he did it? Egomaniac.