Today’s Immigration Headlines – April 24, 2015

Behind Rubio’s Decision on Immigration

“As part of a bipartisan “Gang of Eight,” he would write and pass an 1,198-page immigration bill through the Senate. For a brief moment, that bill looked like the biggest success of Rubio’s career. Now it looks like failure. It turned out that Rubio had overestimated conservatives’ willingness to accept his hyper-complicated bill — and his own power to change their minds,” the Washington Post writes.

DHS Says That Summer Won’t See New Surge at Border

“There won’t be nearly as many immigrant children who cross the border on their own this summer as there were last year, top officials say. Daniel Ragsdale, deputy director for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said authorities expect far fewer migrant children and families than the influx last year that gained worldwide attention and left Border Patrol agents unable to process so many people,” the AP reports.

Mexican Girl Returned to Mexico After Mistaken Identity

“A 14-year-old Mexican girl grabbed by police at school and sent to the United States in a case of mistaken identity was reunited with her parents Wednesday, a happy ending to a saga that captivated the country,” AFP reported.

“A video of the April 16 operation shows Alondra Luna Nunez screaming as officers shove her inside a police vehicle in the central state of Guanajuato before flying her to a woman in Texas who thought she was her daughter.”

Australia Says Europe Needs to Get Tough on Boat Smuggling

“Australia’s tough policies have stopped migrants reaching the country by boat and Europe will need strong will to tackle boat migrants in the Mediterranean, Australia’s foreign minister said on Friday. Julie Bishop said NATO ambassadors had discussed the thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East taking to dangerous, overcrowded vessels to try to reach Europe, during a meeting in Brussels she took part in on Friday,” Reuters reported.

Hartford to Introduce ID Cards

“A plan to introduce municipal identification cards in the state’s capital would give undocumented immigrants, the homeless and other residents who might be living in the shadows easier access to city services, community leaders said Thursday,” the Hartford Courant reports.

“Mayor Pedro Segarra said that any Hartford resident could apply for the ID card, regardless of citizenship status, gender, sexual orientation or arrest record.”

Univision’s Bias Toward Hillary

“Univision’s reporting ranks are populated with unbiased professionals. But just as MSNBC appeals to liberals and Fox to conservatives, Univision gears coverage to its viewership’s interests. And that means crusading for what its news president once called a “pro-Hispanic” immigration reform,” Marc Caputo says in the Miami Herald.

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  1. We Can Do Nothing

    And overpopulation cures itself in America with scarce jobs, lower pay and high rent anyway…..add in hunger, water shortages, disease and homelessness and they deport on their own. What a horrible way to deal with overpopulation. Is it that much different than Dr. Doom’s method of letting a deadly virus do it?

  2. avatar Leland says:

    When Rubio was discussing his support of the gang of 8 amnesty bill, he said illegals are “not going to leave unless you literally go and apprehend them”. Not true, and this is the same false either/or choice that supporters of amnesty offer. Use e-verify for every job, prosecute those who steal or make up a SS number, and make getting a license illegally a crime, and they will go the same way they came, by themselves. And deport those who are picked up, not let them go. To make it simple, discourage illegal entry, not encourage it, as we do now.

    Since I give to a couple of nature organizations, once in awhile I get a solicitation from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for an environmental group. The Kennedys are big on environmental issues, but they don’t connect their support for wide open immigration to environmental degradation. It was Ted and Bobby who supported the 1965 immigration act that led to that wide open immigration. Our population then was only 200 million. Ted mocked critics of the act by saying “First our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually”.

    And yet that “flood” is exactly what happened. And yet there was Ted supporting more immigration in the decades ahead. Why do the people who were wrong then and wrong now still get portrayed as the ones who have all the answers? I also get solicitations for political candidates. If I know they are for amnesty, I write “no donations for amnesty supporters” and mail it back.