Representatives of FAIR will be at Earth Day Texas this week to inform Texans about the impact that mass immigration has had, and will have on the environment there, and across the U.S.

Mass immigration has been responsible for much of U.S. population growth since the original Earth Day, and reconciling the demands to responsibly steward our natural resources with our immigration policy is one of FAIR’s guiding principles. Whether it is energy use, water consumption, urban sprawl, or pollution, out of control immigration harms the natural systems that the United States depends on for our shared prosperity.

FAIR has been consistent in pointing out that immigration policy is also environmental policy, because the impacts of continued population growth in the U.S. extend beyond the obvious fiscal and social costs imposed on all Americans.

FAIR’s participation in Earth Day Texas is just a part of our continued efforts to educate the public about all of the costs of immigration, including the costs to the environment, and we invite all FAIR members who will be in the Dallas area this week to stop by and visit our booth.