Today’s Immigration Headlines – April 21, 2015

Court to Hear Arguments in Challenge to Obama Amnesty Plan

“President Obama’s executive actions on immigration will be tested on Friday when a federal appeals court considers whether to lift an order blocking the actions to allow millions of immigrants without legal status to remain in the United States. Lawyers from the federal government and 26 states opposed to Obama’s immigration policies will make oral arguments in front of a three-judge panel from the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in New Orleans, the most conservative circuit in the country,” The Hill reports.

Taking Apart the New York Times Biased Editorial on Immigration

“Harvard lawyer and conservative writer John Hinderaker poked all kinds of holes in the logic of the New York Times editorial board this week, after it published a piece criticizing Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions’ argument that legal immigration should be slowed,” says the Daily Caller.

“In a time when most Republicans wouldn’t dare say they oppose legal immigration, Mr. Sessions, in the words of the Times, chooses ‘instead to echo an uglier time in our history, when nativists wielded the spurious argument that the more immigrants taken in by America, the worse off America is,’ the board wrote in an editorial Wednesday.”

Walker Takes New Immigration Stance

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been dinged by principled conservatives for reversing course on ethanol and letting go of social media guru Liz Mair under heat from Iowa Republicans. One might chalk up those actions to the inevitable small adjustments one makes given the exaggerated import of the caucuses. (Well, it’s Iowa, so what do you expect?) Unfortunately, Walker now has created concern that he is doing the same with regard to immigration, going to the extreme right in the GOP to warn against legal immigration,” says Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin.

“The Post reports that Walker now says, ‘In terms of legal immigration, how we need to approach that going forward is saying … the next president and the next Congress need to make decisions about a legal immigration system that’s based on, first and foremost, protecting American workers and American wages.’ He went on to cite favorably Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) on the subject.”

New Euphimism for Illegal Immigrants – “Americans In Waiting”

“Of course the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) believes there should be no debate about “quickly and fully integrating” Latino immigrants into American society, but what’s this business about “Americans in waiting”? A little presumptuous, perhaps? To be honest, we’re not certain if the White House picked up the term from NCLR, or if La Raza adopted it from the White House,” says

“In February, Twitchy noted that President Obama was attending a ‘private’ town hall meeting to field questions from illegal aliens about his stalled push for executive amnesty, which was billed on the White House website as, ‘Taking Action to Unlock the Economic Contributions of Americans-in-Waiting.’”

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Dan is FAIR's President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


  1. Happy Earth Day Today!

    The environmental push of the seventies is when America only had 200,000,000 people….imagine how horrified they’d be of the over 100,000,000 people added to America since the first 1970 Earth day.

  2. avatar Peter Uva says:

    Most of the support for obama’s stance came from Higginson, an obama appointee, who repeatedly questioned Hanen’s rationale. Higginson said that immigration agents might be exercising more discretion than Hanen recognizes.
    Everyone thought SCOTUS was going to vote against obamacare also

    • avatar Leland says:

      You mean a judge appointed by the president agrees with his view? Who knew? But the other two judges were not appointed by him.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    Notice how WAPO blogger Jennifer Rubin characterizes wanting to reduce legal immigration as pandering to the “extreme right”. Apparently the only ones who want to do so are the brown shirt crowd. Since Earth Day is tomorrow, would she include the late Senator Gaylord Nelson, liberal Democrat and the father of Earth Day. He said you can’t talk environmentalism in this country unless you talk immigration levels. The press in this country all does the same thing when they refer to anti immigration movements in Europe…fringe groups, far right, blah blah. Anything to avoid what they are actually saying.

    And the New York Times does the usual apples and oranges comparison to immigration in the 19th century and now. Maybe they’re just too stupid to bother with the facts, or it’s the fact that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim owns 17% of their stock.

    Those people from a hundred and more years ago were go getters. They arrived here after long difficult journeys to a land that promised nothing but a return for your own hard work. No crossing the border, having a couple kids here, and then sticking the taxpayer with the bill for their support. It says give me your tired, your poor.. Not give me your food stamp and Medicaid eligible. You can talk the brain dead hearts and flowers rhetoric or you can talk reality.

    • avatar Leland says:

      “It’s phony to say ‘ I’m for the environment but not for limiting immigration’ “, Gaylord Nelson in 1994. Does that make the Sierra Club phonies? Yeah, and phonies bought and paid for by their rich donor who said he would not give money if they took a stand against immigration.