April 16, 2014

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is advising all Senators and staff that it opposes the confirmation of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General and will include the confirmation vote in FAIR’s Voting Report. The highest duty of the nation’s Attorney General, the top law enforcement position, is to uphold the law as written, not to politicize and undermine it at the whim of the President. Disappointingly, when it comes to immigration, Loretta Lynch openly admitted that she will follow orders from President Obama rather than the Constitution and the rule of law. The responses Ms. Lynch gave at her confirmation hearing are alarming and  disqualify her from becoming the next Attorney General.

First, Ms. Lynch took the radical position that illegal aliens have the “right” to work “regardless of how they came here,” a position that is contrary to current law. Additionally, she said President Obama’s executive amnesty is “legal and constitutional,” after dodging the straight forward question at least 15 times. Finally, Ms. Lynch refused to identify any limitation of prosecutorial discretion, suggesting that she will be a willing participant in President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty scheme.  A vote for Loretta Lynch, after she openly embraced unconstitutional amnesty, makes any Senator voting in the affirmative complicit in the President’s lawlessness.

Therefore, FAIR urges a NO vote on Loretta Lynch’s nomination and will include it in FAIR’s Voting Report.