Today’s Immigration Headlines – April 15, 2015

Illegal Aliens Released by DHS Turning Up in Criminal Courts Around U.S.

“As the Obama administration prepares for a new surge of illegal immigrant children this year, some of those from previous waves are turning up on court dockets across the country, charged with serious crimes such as capital murder and aggravated rape,” the Washington Times reports.

“The cases are exposing many of the holes in the immigration system and the way the U.S. has tried to grapple with children fleeing economic troubles, domestic abuse or gang violence in Central America — and sometimes bringing those very troubles to the U.S. with them.”

ICE Agents Need Flash Cards to Decipher Obama Amnesty Policy

“Being an officer of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is getting tougher by the day, thanks to a series of Obama-installed executive orders that have changed deportation enforcement policies,” reported.

“Some are saying the new policies, which have worked to reduce the number of country-wide deportations, contain too many exclusions to allow officers to do their jobs efficiently. It’s gotten so complicated that, according to ICE director Sarah Saldaña, agents have begun carrying around flash cards to remind them which undocumented immigrants take highest priority for deportation.”

Pro-Amnesty Protesters Guilty in Case of Blocking Traffic

“A dozen people involved in a 2013 immigrant-rights protest in which two buses carrying immigrants to federal court were blocked have been found guilty of obstructing a highway and public nuisance,” the Arizona Daily Star says.

“After a two-day trial in March, Pima County Justice Court Judge Susan Bacal dismissed four charges against the protestors: disorderly conduct, hindering prosecution, obstruction of government operations and criminal trespassing. Bacal also found them not guilty of resisting arrest.”

DHS Tying Itself in Knots to Defend Obama Amnesty in Court

“A federal judge got it wrong last week when he claimed President Barack Obama indicated that the changes he ordered to immigration policy late last year left immigration officials without discretion about how to handle specific cases, the Justice Department argued in a federal appeals court filing Tuesday,” Politico writes.

“In an opinion last week, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen said Obama’s comments at a Feb. 25 Telemundo town hall meeting confirmed one of the bases for the judge’s February order blocking the latest round of immigration executive actions. The judge’s injunction was based in part on his conclusion that immigration officers had no choice but to comply with Obama’s directives.”

Gov. Christie Says Immigration Suit Sends Message

“Gov. Chris Christie said on Wednesday that he was sending a message to President Obama when he quietly threw his support behind Texas and other states suing the federal government over the president’s amnesty program for unauthorized immigrants,” reports.

“Christie, speaking to reporters in New Hampshire, said Obama’s handling of immigration reform has been “wrong” and that he took to the courts to tell the president as much.”

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  1. avatar Leland says:

    The media may buy this administration’s double speak on immigration enforcement, but a federal judge won’t.
    The president has made it very clear on more than one occasion that federal agents must comply. I mean, when he’s on television and accompanies it with an “or else” threat, what’s hard to understand about what he means?

  2. They Call It Catch and Release

    A very depressing way to deal with the chronic illegal alien felony.


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    Today’s Immigration Headlines – April 15, 2015