Today’s Immigration Headlines – April 13, 2015

FBI Investigating EB 5 Fraud

“The FBI is investigating a former top military aide to three U.S. presidents and his firm over allegations it bilked foreign investors out of millions of dollars by touting his White House ties and making promises of quick U.S. Green Cards to raise funds for a giant hotel complex, ABC News has learned. Five years after an elaborate ground-breaking ceremony in New Orleans, there is only a vacant lot and investors say almost $16 million has disappeared,” ABC News reports.

Senators Want Answers on H-1B Abuse

“A popular visa program allegedly is being misused by U.S. companies to lay off thousands of American workers and replace them with foreign labor. And, adding insult to injury, many of the laid-off workers allegedly have been forced to train their replacements, in what one anonymous whistleblower called a “humiliating” experience,” Fox News reported.

GOP Field Varies on Immigration Positions

“Several Republican presidential candidates can’t seem to figure out where they stand on immigration reform. You can understand why. It’s not easy pleasing both business interests that want more immigrants because they need workers, and nativists who want fewer because they’re afraid that immigrants — especially from Mexico and Latin America — are changing the country’s demographics,” says Ruben Navarrette Jr.

TPP Will Further Weaken America’s Immigration System

“Congress is considering whether to give President Obama the power to fast-track the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a sweeping international regulatory agreement the White House describes as “rules for the world’s economy” — and the U.S. TPP regulates everything from the environment and energy (climate change, anyone?) to minimum wages, food and, most notably, immigration,” says Curtis Ellis.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership includes an entire chapter on immigration. It is a Trojan horse for Obama’s immigration agenda. House members who were ready to defund the Department of Homeland Security to stop President Obama’s executive action on immigration must not give him TPA, which he will use to ensure his immigration actions are locked in when he leaves office.”

Woman Married 10 Times Pleads Not Guilty to Immigration Scam

“A woman tied the knot 10 times in an immigration scam and is still listed as married to four of the men, including one who was deported because of threats against the United States, prosecutors said Friday,” Fox News says.

“In a case unearthed by the Department of Homeland Security, Liana Barrientos pleaded not guilty Friday in the Bronx to two counts of filing a false instrument — an application and license for her 2010 marriage to Salle Keita, an immigrant from Mali.”

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  1. Letting in Foreign Overpopulation Replacing Legal Citizen American Jobs

    Brings out the slime bottom fish in America, organized crime IOWs.

  2. avatar JB says:

    Another fact to go with Leland’s 30% of Medicaid. Latinos are about 17% of the US population. Yet they make up about almost twice that (almost 34%) of those receiving housing assistance.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    As usual Rueben Navarrette doesn’t have the facts and then he pulls out the race card. How so? He claims business “wants more immigrants because they need workers”. No, Mr. Navarrette, for those who take the time to educate themselves, obviously you are not among them, what business wants is cheap workers with no benefits

    As the story above about H1B visas shows, companies are bringing in foreign workers when they already have American workers who they are dismissing by the thousands, after they force the Americans to train their replacements. Hello, Mr. Navarrette? If the Americans were inferior workers, why would they want them training the new people. Plain and simple, the companies want cheaper workers and our government is selling out the American worker.

    Mr’ Navarrette believes that the only reason to oppose immigration from “Mexico and Latin America” is racial. Could it have anything to do with the fact that Latinos take far more than their share of government welfare programs than their share of the population? 30% of Medicaid, for instance. This is a result of our “family reunification” visas that end up letting people in the country who take more than they contribute.