Today’s Immigration Headlines – April 7, 2015

Demand for Licenses By Illegal Aliens Exceeds Expectation

“A record number of illegal immigrants applying for driver’s licenses is outpacing expectations. Nearly 500,000 Dreamers, whose who were brought to the US by their parents, have applied for licenses in California. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says a large problem with these licenses is how those in the country illegally are proving who they are,” Fox Phoenix reports.

H-1B Quota Hit

“Demand for skilled-worker U.S. visas, known as H-1Bs, exceeded the year’s entire supply in the first week that employers could file applications, prompting the government to resort to a lottery to allocate them,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the federal agency that processes H-1B applications, said Tuesday that since April 1 it has received more than 65,000 petitions. Demand for another 20,000 H-1Bs, allocated to foreign nationals with advanced degrees from U.S. universities, has also outstripped supply. The number of visas is congressionally mandated.”

Illegal Immigrant Surge Re-Starting At Border

“The second wave of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children has begun, with more than 3,000 of them surging across the Mexican border into the U.S. last month — the highest rate since the peak of last summer’s crisis and a warning that another rough season could be ahead,” the Washington Times reports.

“Immigration officials warned that they expected another surge as the weather improved. Although the numbers are down some 40 percent compared with last year’s frenetic pace that sparked a political crisis for the Obama administration, fiscal year 2015 is shaping up to mark the second-biggest surge on record.”

New Poll Shows Opposition to Amnesty, Benefits for Illegal Aliens

“Despite President Obama’s efforts to cool the nation’s views on illegal immigrants storming over the U.S.-Mexico border, Americans have reached a new level of anger over the issue, with most demanding a more aggressive deportation policy — and reversal of a law that grants citizenship to kids of illegals born in the U.S.,” the Washington Examiner says.

“A new Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday also finds Americans questioning spending tax dollars on government aid provided to illegal immigrants. A huge 83 percent said that anybody should be required to prove that they are “legally allowed” to be in the country before receiving local, state or federal government services.”

TSA Behavior Profiling is Really About Finding Illegal Aliens

“A controversial Transportation Security Administration program that uses “behavior indicators” to identify potential terrorists is instead primarily targeting undocumented immigrants, according to a document obtained by The Intercept and interviews with current and former government officials,” says.

“The $900 million program, Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques, or SPOT, employs behavior detection officers trained to identify passengers who exhibit behaviors that TSA believes could be linked to would-be terrorists. But in one five-week period at a major international airport in the United States in 2007, the year the program started, only about 4 percent of the passengers who were referred to secondary screening or law enforcement by behavior detection officers were arrested, and nearly 90 percent of those arrests were for being in the country illegally, according to a TSA document obtained by The Intercept.”

Texas Senate Committee Votes to End In State Tuition for Illegal Aliens

“More than 100 activists–some dressed in cap and gown–flocked to the Capitol on Monday in an effort to keep a 14-year-old law that allows some students in the country illegally to pay in-state college tuition as key senators consider whether to ax the program,” the Dallas Morning News reports.

“A Senate border security panel is expected to debate late into the day a bill by Sen. Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels, that would require Texas colleges and universities to charge students without papers out-of-state tuition rates. That tuition is often two to three times as expensive as the in-state rate.”

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  1. How many of Those IAs Driving

    Will have no insurance?

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Regarding the Rasmussen poll, the old saying is be careful what you ask for, because you may get it. Maybe that Democratic party strategy of hitching their wagon to the cause of illegals is starting to backfire. In general I agree with the Democrats on a lot of issues. But it seems like all those issues are not as important as their catering to the open borders lobby and the attempt to flood this country with people who have little allegiance to it. There are tons of people who say “I’m a liberal but…” and then go on to say they are opposed to illegal entry.

    As for birthright citizenship, the Supreme Court’s 1898 Wong Kim Ark decision specifically said that those born to foreign troops engaged in hostile occupation of the country’s territory would not be citizens. So obviously it was not automatic and one can easily make the argument that the court saw that being here without permission did not confer citizenship on the child.

    They said Ark was a citizen because his parents were known to California authorities and were long time business owners, what we now call permanent legal residents. I find it extremely hard to believe that the framers of the 14th amendment, and the 1898 Court, would have believed that citizenship should be conferred on the children of those breaking our laws.