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Illegal aliens routinely lobby members of Congress. They even meet the president and get invited to sit with the First Lady while he delivers the State of the Union address.

But what if you’re just an ordinary hard-working, taxpaying citizen who wants to meet with your United States senator to discuss how mass illegal immigration is harming you and your family? Well, if your senator happens to be Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) that could be problematic.

On February 4, a FAIR activist accompanied a group of Southern California activists who had scheduled a meeting with Senator Feinstein’s staff in her Los Angeles office. They weren’t expecting a warm reception from the senator’s staff, but no one was ready for the chilly reception they received. Literally chilly. When they got there – some having traveled two hours through L.A. traffic to get there – they were told that Feinstein’s staffer would not meet them in the senator’s office, but rather on a cold outdoor patio. (Okay, cold by L.A. standards.)

Finally, after being left waiting for a half hour the busy intersection outside Feinstein’s office, her district director Trevor Daley managed to procure an indoor conference room, where citizen activist were allowed to come in shifts to discuss their concerns about immigration policy.

No one expected that they were going to change any minds. But as citizens and constituents they kind of expected that they would be treated with the same degree of respect and courtesy that the senator would extend to say, a group of illegal aliens. Sadly that was not the case.

Photos credit: By Robin Hvidston