This Blog is taken from Five Things the Republican Congress Must Do in 2015.

Rep Congress Week 3E-Verify. To work in the United States, people must furnish a social security number or tax ID number. The data in each social security file contains sufficient information to determine whether the person using the number is the person to whom it was issued. The technology is readily and cheaply available to verify that a new employee has presented a valid number and that it belongs to that person. The E-Verify system accomplishes this task. Click here to read more.

E-Verify Talking Points: Find out What You Need to Know About This Important Program! Make sure to watch FAIR’s video, The E-Verify Solution for Illegal Hiring. Click here to read more.

House Bill Requiring Nationwide Use of E-Verify is Critical Step to Controlling Illegal Immigration, Says FAIR. New Opinion Poll Shows Overwhelming Public Support. Click here to read more.

E-Verify Requirement for Federal Contractors Abandoned by Obama Administration. U.S. Workers and Taxpayers Pay the Price, Charges FAIR. The Obama administration’s unwillingness to enforce U.S. immigration laws and its intent to abandon even minimal protections for American workers struggling to find jobs as the economic crisis drags on. Click here to read more.

View extensive information on which states and cities require E-Verify from LawLogix or download a PDF.