work-384745_640MUST READ: “Does Immigration Harm Working Americans?” David Frum has published a refreshing article in the January edition of The Atlantic that takes a frank look at why American native-born labor force participation is plummeting. What’s surprising here isn’t that Frum is able to show how and why the mass-immigration propagandists for Wall Street are wrong, it’s that an article of this nature can appear at all anymore in a mainstream publication. Not since The Atlantic published a piece by Jack Miles in October 1992 (Black Versus Browns) has it ventured into this sort of candid analysis. Frum tackles the flawed assumptions and methodology of the economists who can bizarrely look at the wage stagnation and under-employment of today’s beleaguered American worker and not see the “supply shock” brought about by decades of unremitting immigration. Take a look at this worthwhile piece – it may not happen again for twenty years.