Obama speaks on immigrationLatino defenders of illegal aliens are continuing to demand new measures from President Obama designed to provide amnesty for their clients, co-ethnics, and constituents. As The Washington (DC) Examiner reported on November 5, “A group of 39 Hispanic organizations sent a post-election letter to President Obama Wednesday demanding that he immediately stop deportations of thousands of illegal immigrants and implement significant provisions in a rejected bipartisan immigration reform bill.”

Is there no gratitude from those organizations for all that he has done for them already? Wasn’t it enough that he stopped worksite raids aimed at deporting illegal alien workers encumbering jobs that should be available for legal workers? Wasn’t it enough that he restricted enforcement actions against illegal aliens in the interior of the country if they had not committed serious crimes under the guise of prosecutorial discretion? Wasn’t it enough that he decreed a renewable two-year amnesty for aliens who entered the country illegally as minors and gave hundreds of thousands of them work permits so that they could compete for jobs with U.S. workers? Wasn’t it enough that he pushed Congress to adopt a permanent general amnesty for an estimated 11 million or more illegal aliens?

Apparently not. According to a Breitbart News report, immediately after the mid-term election results were known, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), a leading spokesperson for a general amnesty, was again lecturing President Obama on the need to use executive action to provide amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. “Success on immigration means a full approach to reform, which to me means expanding protections to 5 to 8 million undocumented people currently living in this country.” Gutierrez did not want more partial measures like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); “Go big” he urged.

Despite the election results, President Obama apparently has not yet come to realize he is being pushed by these amnesty activists down a path of lawlessness that is likely to provoke a constitutional crisis as he oversteps the boundary between legislative and executive spheres of action. He has publicly committed himself to unilateral action to provide further protections for illegal aliens – despite his earlier response to the amnesty advocates that he does not have the constitutional power to do so.

President Obama has been pushed by the amnesty advocates down a slippery slope. Regardless of what he does next, the pattern is clear that the advocates will not be satisfied until there is a general and blanket amnesty. Regardless of his next actions and the political battle with Congress that it will provoke – probably involving legal action that will head for the Supreme Court – President Obama can expect no respite from the amnesty advocates. So, pity him? No, he has asked for it.