Today’s Immigration Headlines – August 6, 2014

Killers of Border Patrol Agent Caught

“The voice on the other end of the line is exasperated. ‘It’s insane,’ he wants America to know. ‘We’re in a war zone.’ And there’s no room for apathy. ‘This is coming to a town near you,’ he warns. The man on the phone is a veteran of the Department of Homeland Security who works in South Texas. He reached out to me last night in the wake of an off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent’s horrific murder on Friday,” says Michelle Malkin.

“The National Border Patrol Council issued a moving statement after a middle-of-the-night manhunt led to the capture and confessions of the two suspects this weekend,” she notes.

“Agent Vega was armed and fought back to protect his family. During the course of the ensuing firefight Agent Vega’s father was hit in the leg and Agent Vega was mortally wounded. After Agent Vega fell, his family members continued to fight back. Agent Vega’s actions were in keeping with the finest traditions of the United States Border Patrol and his will be a place, deserved of honor and glory, when the final story of the United States Border Patrol is written.”

CBS Commentator Says Unless Illegal Aliens Do Something Illegal, Leave Them Alone

“According to CBS This Morning host Gayle King on Monday, unless an illegal alien is doing something ‘illegal,’ Americans should leave him or her alone. Mike Hogan from Vanity Fair appeared on the program to discuss a new poll about ethical dilemmas and how people respond. Guest host Vinita Nair wondered, ‘Who’s more likely to report an illegal immigrant living next door?’” the Media Research Center writes.

“Hogan discussed the responses of Republicans, Democrats and independents. He then quoted an off-air discussion: ‘I think Gayle [King] in the green room said, ‘As long as they’re not doing anything illegal, you know, let them live.’”

Washington Post Editors Warn Against Executive Amnesty by Obama

“Obstinate, hopelessly partisan and incapable of problem-solving, Congress is a mess. But that doesn’t grant the president license to tear up the Constitution. As Mr. Obama himself said last fall: ‘If, in fact, I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so. But we’re also a nation of laws.’ To act on his own, the president said, would violate those laws,” the Washington Post editors write.

“Mr. Obama now seems to be jettisoning that stance in the name of rallying his political base. He is considering extending temporary protection from deportation to millions of illegal immigrants, including the parents of U.S.-born children and others who have lived in the United States for years. Conceivably, this would give Democrats a political boost in 2016. Just as conceivably, it would trigger a constitutional showdown with congressional Republicans, who could make a cogent argument that Mr. Obama had overstepped his authority.”

DHS Says More Temporary Shelters Not Needed Due to Fall in Children Caught At Border

“About a month after asking states for help finding temporary shelter for undocumented child migrants—sparking much handwringing over the issue—the federal government now says it no longer needs the help,” the Washington Post says.

“In a Tuesday afternoon letter, a federal Health and Human Services official thanked Massachusetts for its offer of assistance, writing that ‘HHS is no longer seeking facilities for temporary shelters for unaccompanied children at this time,’ due to a decline in the number of unaccompanied children apprehended by and in the custody of Customs and Border Protection.”

Schools Across U.S. Brace for Wave of Illegal Alien Children

“As a new school year starts in the coming weeks, the arrival of 50,000 unaccompanied immigrant children since last fall is creating uncertainty among some school districts,” USA Today reports.

“‘We haven’t started school yet, so we are all just holding our breaths to see what’s going to come on the first day of school,’ said Caroline Woodason, assistant director of school support for Dalton Public Schools in Georgia.”

National Review Profile of Sen. Sessions

“[Sen.] Sessions, 67, is a low-profile guy. Though he is not well known nationally, he has for years now been the instrumental force in quashing repeated attempts to pass comprehensive immigration reform. He has a gentle, almost grandfatherly quality, but he doesn’t shy away from combat. He derided the 2007 bill as ‘no illegal alien left behind’; in a single press conference, he blasted it as a ‘colossal error,’ an ‘absolute scandal,’ and a ‘fiscal disaster.’ He declared: ‘Good fences make good neighbors.’ All of this prompted the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank to call him the ‘Lou Dobbs of the Senate,’” writes National Review in a profile of Sen. Sessions.

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Dan is FAIR's President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


  1. avatar TexasSouthernGirl says:

    I hate the term anchor baby! My son is half Peruvian by my husband who is an illegal immigrant. He came here legally and then his visa expired after we had our son. We fell in love and now we have a family. I have been doing quite a bit of research on both sides of the argument. Seems that not one person can come up with a viable option to solve this crisis that has been going on for decades. Everybody complains about the issues, however there is only one person who is taking initiative in order to do anything about it at this time. Good or bad, what ever he decides, I can see negative and positive consequences for each option. I am surrounded day by day by illegal immigrants where I reside. Some are my neighbors, most are my friends and few have become my family. As close as I am to these people I would have noticed many of them actively taking advantage of the welfare system. Instead I see mechanics who run their own business, who would lend you their car if yours broke down while they fix yours for as cheap as they can because they care. Carpenters and electricians, also running their own businesses, working out in the hot Texas heat reaching 110 degrees to feed their family. My friends would take the shirt off of their back if need be. None of them spend ridiculous amounts of money on crap that they don’t need. They have everything in their life to make them happy, and that is enough for them. If any body is to contest to the character of any individual from Latin America, they better get to know them first hand.
    As for Latin Americans who are taking your jobs, I believe you need to look in the mirror and figure out why you are not able to get a job, and for the economical down fall of North America. Texas has a self sustaining Economy, this is where the majority of the immigrants are coming in through the Rio Grand sector. Our job market is an employees market. We have one of the best economies in the world. People are flocking all over the United states to live here because our cost of living is so cheap, and reasonable. The Texas population is comparative to that of California’s, which has the worst Economy in America. What’s the difference? I don’t know, but it isn’t the Texas immigrants.

  2. avatar John WInthrop says:

    As per the news, he was not armed, his father was…..while in his house he attempted to reach his gun…..

    • avatar Leland says:

      if you’re talking about the border agent, it didn’t occur in any house. The family was on a fishing trip near the Rio Grande, on American soil.

      • avatar John Winthrop says:

        The point is, he was not armed and try reaching his weapon. A real pity he did not have it with him, else he might be alive now.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    Anyone see the video of the trucker being questioned by a border patrol agent who isn’t aware he’s being taped? The agent asks if he’s an American citizen and the trucker says does it matter. The agents shakes his head and says not anymore. Because he knows he’s being prevented from doing his job. Unless you commit a felony you’re going nowhere if you’re caught here illegally. Which is fine with Gayle King apparently. Those laws about crossing the border without permission or staying past the leave date on that visa? Just ignore them. If that’s not open borders, what is.

    And what is crystal clear is that the president wanted Congress to pass an amnesty and then he could say look it’s bipartisan, don’t blame me. Since the Republicans haven’t agreed, now he claims he has the power to do it by himself. Which he previously said he didn’t.

    • avatar John WInthrop says:

      I saw it but it shows/proves nothing…..we have no more info on this……for all we know the officer already knows he is a US citizen………and the officer replies in a reaction of disagreement to what is going on at the border……..besides I do doubt this officer would knowingly let illegals through the border just like that….that just shows how easy and weak your mind is to trick………you are so silly & dumb that probably if somebody tells you, you won the statue of liberty you would believe it……crossing the border in a truck, they will stop you and ask you for papers all the way 100 miles into land…….

      You should travel a bit, go out get to learn and live our reality.

  4. Even a Prominent American Right Wing Anchor Baby

    Calls the crime and corruption immigration overpopulation at the border “insane”.