A Step in the Right Direction

The last minute action by the House of Representatives, approving legislation to deal with the ongoing border crisis, will provide both needed funding and allow for quicker repatriation of illegal aliens who enter the United States and lack a valid claim to stay.

However, the bill does not address the underlying cause of the border crisis, which is the Obama administration’s systematic dismantlement of immigration enforcement, its defiant refusal to enforce most immigration laws, and its unilateral decisions to grant de facto amnesty to broad classes of illegal aliens.

The Supplemental Appropriation closes the loophole in the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 (TVPRA), which has had the perverse effect of encouraging human smuggling and mass illegal immigration of younger illegal aliens. The tweaks made to the TVPRA   assures that  that true victims of human trafficking will continue to be protected but  allows immigration officials to  deal quickly with minors and entire families  attempting to gain entry to the U.S. for purely economic reasons.

The Supplemental Appropriation authorizes additional funding for the National Guard to assist during this crisis and reimburses local governments that have been affected by the situation.  The bill provides additional money to detain and care for illegal aliens who are apprehended while attempting to enter the country illegally and also provides resources for additional judges to reduce backlogs and to repatriate illegal aliens who are not eligible to remain.

In a separate vote, the House moved to address one of the root causes of the flood of Central American illegal aliens when it voted to restrict expansion of the president’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  Since the announcement of that program in 2012, the number of younger illegal aliens attempting to enter the country has grown exponentially.

“The bill that was approved this evening is a vast improvement over the one that was pulled from consideration on Thursday,” noted Dan Stein, president of FAIR. “It is not a perfect bill, but it is a positive step in the effort to regain some control over our immigration policies.

FAIR also applauds the House for its efforts to limit the unauthorized DACA program and prevent further abuse of executive authority to subvert enforcement of immigration laws.

“Unfortunately, the Senate leadership has indicated that they will not support similar legislation in that body. Instead, Senate leaders seem to want to spend additional taxpayer money to manage the crisis, rather than adopt the legislative and policy changes necessary to end the crisis,” continued Stein. “Moreover, it is becoming increasingly likely that the crisis Congress will face when they return to work in September will be exponentially greater than when they left.

“President Obama has signaled his intent to assert even greater discretionary authority to exempt as many as 5-6 million illegal aliens from immigration enforcement, and grant many of them work authorization. If he carries through on that threat, both Houses of Congress will have to address not only an even much greater immigration crisis, but an overt threat to the Constitution’s Separation of Powers Doctrine,” Stein concluded.


  1. avatar silver fox says:

    obumer is takinging america down with him he has falled and is a loser so america must pay for this traitor down fall that he caused upon him self.

    • avatar John Winthrop says:

      Silver Fox, it is clear you are old and obsolete based in your opinions…..you are the traitor!

  2. avatar SteveG says:

    This is an invasion of our country that was orchestrated by Obama and his regime to overwhelm the country, our social services, our jobs market, our education systems, our health care systems, our judicial and law enforcement and everything else that our Republic stands for. It’s all for political gains of the Democrats standing to bring more people under government control and dependency. These people need to be deported back to their home countries not scattered all over the USA putting burdens on the taxpayers. We have immigration laws and they must be enforced to the fullest. Obama is ignoring his oath of office by not enforcing our laws which is a criminal act and needs to be prosecuted. He is a traitor to our country and citizens.

    • Regarding Implementation of E-verify

      Add the Republicans in too….our two party system for open borders is two foreign/corporate lobbyist paid off peas in a pod.

  3. avatar john Winthrop says:

    what is so right and what direction if it will be DOA in the Senate………………The GOP knows this….again the party of NO playing games and doing nothing…..

    • avatar john Winthrop says:

      doing nothing to ruin our President……it all started on a restaurant in DC just when Obama won the presidency the GOP made a pact with the Devil to ruin Obama and as a consequence without caring this would ruin the US.

      • avatar PeterB says:


      • avatar daFakir says:

        The devil doesn’t exist, and you conjured that meeting in your demented mind.

        • avatar John Winthrop says:

          daFakir if you were an American or an English spoken person….you would have understood the figure of speech….I have a question for you….so do you support the Republicans going against the President to ruin his presidency and therefore our country?…it is a known fact they got together in a restaurant in DC and pledged to ruin Obama…………..do you support this?….I hope you answer like a man and be honest about it..

          • avatar John Winthrop says:

            For instance……………..instead of improving Obama?Romney Care….the repubs tried to shoot it down 41 times!!!!…instead of for ex…..make it non-mandatory and the oil companies taxed for the care of the poor……NO….hte party of no wanted to destroy Obama without caring about The Peopl and the US….BUT it appears you do support this…..

      • avatar Angela says:

        You have got to be kidding!!You have to be blind and deaf not to realize the damage done by obama! But, you are deaf and blind as are all liberals! You can lie and not blink!

      • avatar Rob says:

        John W… Obama has ruined himself, and didn’t need any assistance.. You ‘lefty’s’ and the ‘right’ thinkers disagree in the means of controlling Obama’s administrations reckless overspending of our limited resources, is by stonewalling what OUR true representatives see as the majority desire to curb an unquentionable thirst to waste what little we have left
        Using the term ‘stonewalling’… it’s not intended to help, or hinder Obama from doing anything that is ‘beneficial’ for the American tax payer, but to help, and protect ALL Americans. What it boils down to is the people’s representatives have put a tournquet on a nasty gash in Washington DC, and that’s something Obamacare doesn’t cover.
        When it comes time for China to collect for the bad loans, and there’s noting left to pay the piper ..well, then is when you’ll cry in your beer when they agree to accept your food stamps instead.

        • avatar John Winhrop says:

          Rob unlike you, I do not drink beer and have food stamps and the least will ever cry because I will always find a job. Now you, appear to be a pathetic citizen blaming Obama only, when your intellect lacks of intelligence to realize one man does not create a situation like this and a a debt of this magnitude…..it show you are over middle age and obsolete….

    • avatar daFakir says:

      Tell us again how all those illegal immigrants are going to help this country. Tell us how they won’t be taking American jobs. Tell us why we need, just this year alone, 250,000 more poverty stricken central Americans who will soon be eligible for all the welfare programs and benefits, as well as free public education.

      • avatar John Winthrop says:

        daFakir you see no illegal in the US cities asking for money…that is your answer and as a muslim holy man you want to represent yourself…..you are lazy and the type the US does not need…..you beg for money………….work….create jobs…improve this Society DO NOT BE ROMNEY BOY =.. LAZY

        Why don’t you tell us what you believe & represent behind that Muslim name of yours……………really…….I represent the American way of life and the American Dream…………………..you can look up my name…….The City on the Hill……what do you represent?

      • avatar tom s says:

        the USA is not in a position to need illegals to ” help our country” and they will only over-tax the country trying to care for them as our “leaders” for political purpose will feel compelled to give them all full benefits at the cost to those actually paying instead of just taking. And these political purpose appears to me to be thinking that those illegal will eventually be voting to keep those politicians in office with their great perks & rewards…and of course the requests of the lobbys for their own agenda also must give direction to many of those politicians.

        • avatar arnlof sweigeir ft says:

          Toms one the illegals contribute to the system NAD when u get olda percent of ss will be thank s to the illegals….u owe them. U have it all about backwards..

        • avatar John Winhrop says:

          Tom s too late for you to cry……it is not that the US is in a position to need illegals…….ALREADY has them and abused/used them to pay your SS when you get old.