Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 5.44.51 PMLet’s be clear: MSNBC host Ed Schultz supports granting amnesty to illegal aliens. But even he is appalled at the idea that the president might act unilaterally to exempt perhaps as many as 5-6 million illegal aliens from having immigration law enforced against them, and grant them work authorization.

A couple of things to look for in Schultz’s on-air editorial rant: Most important, he recognizes the need for the president to act within the limits of our Constitution.

Second, he tacitly acknowledges that amnesty – especially an unconstitutional one imposed by the president – amounts to a political albatross around the necks of Democrats. His message to the Democrats is, ‘If you want to do amnesty, make sure you’ve got enough Republicans on-board to share the wrath of the voters. And, if you can’t get the Republicans to go along, call them obstructionists and use it as red meat to energize your base.’