Anyone who saw the video of illegal aliens barging into what was supposed to have been Eric Cantor’s post-primary victory celebration last week demanding amnesty will understand what happens when public relations is compromised by faulty information.  Because Cantor had been defeated, it made the law-violating agitators appear ridiculous and ill-informed.


So it is with Rupert Murdoch’s predictable op-ed appearing  in the Wall Street Journal  on June 18.  Advocates organized by professional lobbyists and political professionals go on auto-pilot pushing an agreed upon line without regard to changed circumstances or the latest information and wind up looking absurd.

The Murdoch piece reflects the overall editorial position of the Wall Street Journal (which isn’t surprising, considering he owns the paper): Reward illegal immigration, take limits off most immigration categories, otherwise companies will leave the U.S. In short, Murdoch’s views reflect those of Wall Street generally that our economy can only be saved with greater amounts of mass immigration, Americans aren’t of much use any more for much of anything….it goes on and on.

The problem is Murdoch’s piece looks like it was written in early 2013 by PR people working for him and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who co-founded the mass immigration advocacy group, Partnership for a New American Economy. The op-ed makes no specific reference to the bill and, other than a few lines mentioning Cantor’s defeat, it seems like it’s in some sort of time-warp, pretending that if Congress will just “fix the system,” all will be well.

When professional lobbyists and PR firms are retained for special interest purposes, they continue to push a line without regard to public perception or changed circumstances.  As I said on Fox News on Thursday, there are three basic problems with the Murdoch premise.  1. We have an administration that openly sabotages immigration enforcement; 2. The Senate bill won’t fix any of these problems – indeed they will become worse; and 3. Our Southern border is in crisis now in part because of all the years of amnesty talk. Watch the clip below.



I would challenge Mr. Murdoch to read the Senate bill, S. 744, and  see if he still thinks America can ever recover its loss of immigration control with the current national leadership.  He owes his adopted country at least this much.  Read the bill, Mr. Murdoch.