mariantoinetteAmericans are hurting right now. Some 20 million people are unemployed, or under-employed. Millions more have just given up and dropped out of the labor market. And many who have jobs are losing their grip on the middle class.

Against this backdrop, along comes former investment banker and current CNBC contributor, Carol Roth, with a solution to the “immigration problem” that, by comparison, makes Marie Antoinette seem in touch with the concerns of the average Frenchman, circa 1789.

“The compromise” that will solve the thorny issue of illegal immigration once and for all, according to Roth, “is a new robust jobs program for non-U.S. citizens.” No, she is not suggesting that the governments of other countries create jobs for their citizens in their own countries. What she is advocating is that the U.S. government create a jobs program for non-U.S. citizens here in the United States. And apparently any old jobs program for non-U.S. citizens won’t do. What the U.S. needs is a robust jobs program for foreign citizens who want to work here.

The homepage of Roth’s website aptly poses the question, “Who The $%*@ is Carol Roth?” I think we can answer that question for her.  Carol Roth is the poster girl for an economic and social elite that is $%*@ing out of touch with the concerns and realities of most Americans.