The national media have finally begun to pay attention to the latest immigration crisis on our border, but only because it has become impossible to ignore any longer. For at least two weeks, the “mainstream” media buried the story of children and their parents storming across the Texas-Mexico border, lest anything disturb the drumbeat for comprehensive amnesty in Congress.  Most coverage was confined to regional outlets and e-zines like Breitbart (Fox News being the exception).

Indeed this border crisis –the result of a feckless administration unwilling to enforce our immigration laws – has led to an inconvenient disruption in the “mainstream” media blitz to cow, intimidate and spin those in Congress trying to block the House leadership’s shadowy plans to pass some sort of bogus “immigration reform” law.

Once the President himself spoke out on the crisis – a move compelled by the virtual collapse of border security – outlets like CNN, Reuters and the Associated Press began to move national stories. Here’s the lesson: non-citizens all over the world – millions, if not billions of them – pay very close attention to U.S. immigration policies. They understand the truth about America’s border collapse – far better than the American people since they’ve been cajoled and lied to for the past several years.

We refuse to learn from past mistakes. In the late 1990s, smugglers used young children to help illegal immigrants avoid detection. The child would be returned to the smuggler for use with another group shortly thereafter.  Today we see small children arriving alone – sent by relatives in the hopes relatives already here in the U.S. will come and get them.

This process is entirely predictable: if you tell the world that only hardened felons will be deported, you are telling the world that any risk is worth the trip to get your family into the United States. The question we should all be asking this administration?  What is the end game?  Where does it end?

Below is a video of my appearance on Fox News yesterday.

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