pushSenators Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) continue to demand the House take up the Senate-passed immigration bill, S. 744. Most recently, Schumer has claimed the President would “greatly curtail deportations” unless the House passes an amnesty bill (go figure!).

In other words, Congress should pass a bill to prevent illegal aliens from being deported or the President won’t deport them.

This reads like a threat. Nothing is more transparent than the partisan political motivations behind the Senate bill – a travesty of public policy that will render U.S. immigration law virtually unenforced (see FAIR analysis of the Senate bill). Remarkable is the fact that nothing in S. 744 will actually fix any of the identified problems with the immigration system. The bill is just an amnesty that rewards law-breaking and encourages more illegal immigration. A legislative platform that is flawed at its base cannot fix anything. In a nutshell, the problem with the “Gang of Eight” Senate amnesty bill (S. 744) is simple – few understand it because it is deliberately deceptive legislation written by lobbyists. The closer you look, the uglier it gets. The mad push to get the House to act is a desperation ploy because anti-border activists don’t see another chance like this in 20 years.

What’s referred to as an “immigration overhaul” is nothing more than a legislative ratification of a complete breakdown in the rule of law drafted to suit a battery of narrow interests. The nation can and must do better.