Support the American Worker:

American workers are the best and most productive in the world. They are eager to work. What they need is the opportunity to compete for jobs at fair wages, not unfair competition created by massive guestworker programs. In addition, just because we could benefit from some skilled immigration doesn’t mean we should rubber stamp visas for every applicant with certain skills. We should develop and encourage our own STEM professionals, not discourage them by flooding the labor market.

The U.S. middle class is no longer the richest in the world. High wage jobs lost during the recession are being replaced – but with low wage jobs. Recent college graduates are facing dismal job prospects, moving back in with parents, and settling for minimum wage jobs. Yet, the moneyed supporters of amnesty and more immigration advocate for policies that will only further exacerbate the plight of U.S. workers during this anemic economic recovery.

Instead of addressing the needs of struggling Americans by curbing immigration, Senate and House immigration proposals include amnesty AND increases in legal immigration and guestworker programs. This is not true immigration reform. True reform means enforcing current laws against illegal immigration and creating a system that serves Americans, not immigrants.

True Immigration Reform: Support the American Worker

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