According to the New York Times , one of the illegal alien detention liberalizing policies under consideration by the administrations is providing detained illegal aliens the opportunity to post bond in order to gain release until they have a hearing on whether they should be deported. We earlier noted that this option under consideration in response to pressure from amnesty advocates is a formula for swamping the immigration court system and assuring detained illegal aliens extended periods of pre-hearing work opportunity in the U.S.

Now, an additional argument against this policy proposal has been brought into focus by a new study by the Center for Immigration Studies. Its report “Justice on the Runuses official government data to document that, “76% of those [illegal aliens] free pending trial evaded immigration court.” The obvious implication is that the more that detained illegal aliens are granted bail and turned loose, the more the problem will grow of illegal aliens ordered deported – because they failed to appear in immigration court when so ordered – left at large in the society to commit crimes or simply to undercut jobs for U.S. workers.

If the administration adopts this further abandonment of immigration enforcement, it is likely to be seen by illegal immigrants as a sign that they may ignore with impunity orders to appear in court despite a legal requirement to do so.