Pro-amnesty Republicans are working behind the scenes to add language to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would require the Secretary of Homeland Security to give green cards to certain illegal aliens just for enlisting in the military. This language is based on H.R. 2377, a military-style DREAM Act sponsored by pro-amnesty Rep. Jeff Denham, a Republican from California.

Under the language Rep. Denham is pedaling behind the scenes, the illegal alien only has to meet two requirements in order to enlist in the military. First, they must have entered the U.S. before 2012; and second, they must have been younger than 15 when they entered the country. That’s it! After that they are on a fast-track to citizenship.

The policy implications of including such legislative language in a bill to fund our troops are severe.  In addition to encouraging a massive flow of illegal aliens into the military in order to get a green card, allowing illegal aliens to join the military poses clear national security risks. Indeed, there are no specifics in the language being pushed on the Hill regarding how an alien proves he or she came here as a child.  As they do already, illegal aliens could easily forge documentation to meet these flimsy requirements.

Though language to the NDAA has yet to be made public, media outlets report the House could vote on the bill later this month. Read more about the Republicans’ plan to push amnesty as part of the NDAA here.