Zuckerberg Lobby Group Pushes for Tech Guest Workers

“Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s FWD.us, which was formed to lobby Congress to pass amnesty legislation, sent a letter signed by more than 100 Chicago high-tech executives to the Illinois GOP congressional delegation calling for immigration reform legislation that would result in an increase in the number of high-tech visas,” Breitbart News says.

“There is no empirical evidence to support the notion that America has a shortage of high-tech American workers, but that has not stopped the high-tech lobby from insisting on legislation that would double or triple the number of visas and guest-worker permits, which the Congressional Budget Office determined would be a contributing factor to lowering the wages of American workers.”

Cheap Labor Lobby Wants Action This Year

“As I’ve been reporting, there’s a rising sense that if House Republicans don’t act by summer on immigration reform, the window for action could close for good. If nothing happens by August recess, the pressure on Obama to act unilaterally could become overwhelming, and any executive action will likely make legislative reform even less likely, perhaps postponing it until at least 2017,” says the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent.

“Now even Republican-aligned constituencies who want reform are concluding the same thing. They are growing increasingly alarmed that they are at risk of getting cut out of the process — and their interests badly damaged — as the best chance to reform the immigration system in years is now in serious danger of slipping away for the foreseeable future.”

Catholic Push for Amnesty Includes Border Mass

“A delegation of Catholic leaders from across the United States visited Arizona’s border with Mexico on Monday and Tuesday to call for overhauling the nation’s immigration policy,” USA Today writes.

“At a Mass held under the shadow of the border fence Tuesday morning, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the archbishop of Boston, called on Congress for comprehensive immigration reform this year.”