Amnesty Supporter Arrested at Congressional Office

“Veteran labor organizer and immigration reform advocate Eliseo Medina was arrested here Friday after attempting to enter the offices of Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.),” Fox News Latino reports.

“Medina, a leader of the “Fast for Families” caravan that is touring the country to demand an end to deportations, was arrested for trespassing, Jose Seiglie, deputy police chief in the Miami suburb of Doral, told Efe.”

Obama Deportation Review Driven by Politics

“A review of the U.S. deportation system ordered by President Barack Obama is seen by pro-immigration Democrats as good policy and good politics. It’s appeasing the party’s Senate leaders, who’d rather criticize the Republican-led House over immigration policy than spar with the White House over deportations,” Businessweek reports.

“Administration officials and staff for top Senate Democrats, including Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, met privately on March 11 as the party aims to alleviate tensions heading into the November congressional election.”

Business Lobby Looks for Ways to Push Amnesty

“In 2014, business associations, church councils, and a number of prominent executives from companies such as Yahoo, Intel, and HP are working with the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama to move forward with immigration reform, despite fierce opposition from some Republicans,” says.

“This techcrunch article explains, ‘Unfortunately, 2014 is an election year and Republican incumbents could face a backlash at the polls if they compromised to pass a comprehensive bill. Republicans and Democrats disagree whether the 11 million low-skilled undocumented immigrants should be given a path to citizenship or mere permanent residence.'”

Amnesty Supporters Should Support Honesty

“Like most Republicans, I oppose a mass amnesty for illegal aliens. I think it unjust that aliens who are engaged in lawful work or study should be ordered, along with their families, to return home when their visas expire while the illegal aliens who worked or studied beside them are invited to stay for the rest of their lives,” says William Chip in the Washington Times.

“Even so, as a father and grandfather, I can imagine the heartbreak of middle-aged parents being forced to restart their lives in the impoverished, crime-wracked countries from whence many came. In short, I feel sorry for them. I expect that most citizens who tell opinion pollsters they support amnesty for illegal alien families are unmoved by political and economic arguments. Instead, like me, they just feel sorry for them.”

“If any of the interest groups that advocate legalization really want to help the undocumented, they should stop fibbing to the public about immigration reform and become credible partners with Republicans, who are open to humanitarian solutions for the most deserving cases.”

Another Manager of Phoenix Car Wash Pleads Guilty to Illegal Hiring

“A second former general manager for a metropolitan Phoenix car-wash chain that’s accused of immigration fraud in its hiring practices has pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge,” the AP reported.

“John Randall Sanford is among the 13 managers for Danny’s Family Car Wash who have pleaded guilty in the case.”