In the past year, the Chamber of Commerce has spent millions to bring in foreign workers and promote amnesty for illegal aliens to the detriment of struggling U.S. workers. And yes, this is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber’s filings reveal the organization spent $57.2 million on lobbying in 2013. A nice chunk of that no doubt went towards pushing the Senate amnesty bill, S. 744, through in June. The Chamber was a fixture in backroom meetings with the Gang of Eight and unions devising a plan to give amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens and import more foreign workers, further undermining unemployed Americans.

With the battle against the American worker won in the Senate, the Chamber wasted no time before glad-handing in the House. In addition to GOP open borders bills, Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s answer to the Senate amnesty bill, H.R. 15, appeared on the Chamber’s to-do list in end of year filings.

Now, the Chamber is rearming itself for more lobbying and spending in 2014. Its sights are on a number of House immigration bills that could potentially move – or be killed – with some coaxing from the big business heavyweights.

During this election year, the Chamber is flexing its money and clout. It is openly backing establishment Republican candidates against Tea Party and other populist contenders. And, naturally, its political machine will continue to invest in the politicians and policies that yield the most profits for big business – no matter the effect on the more than 21 million Americans looking for full time jobs.