Veterans Benefits Held Hostage to Tax Breaks for Illegal Aliens

“Two of the most pressing concerns on Capitol Hill are 1) finding a way to restore cuts in veterans’ pensions that were included in the budget deal brokered by Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Paul Ryan; and 2) figuring out a plan to pay for extended emergency unemployment insurance for 1.3 million Americans whose benefits have run out,” the Washington Examiner writes.

“They are vexing problems, but Republicans, led by Sen. Kelly Ayotte, came up with a proposal to solve them. The only difficulty was, the solution — finding billions to pay for the restored pensions and unemployment insurance — involved cracking down on a tax credit program in which illegal immigrants have fraudulently collected billions of dollars in improper payments. Stop the fraud, Ayotte argued, and then use the money saved to pay for pensions and unemployment insurance. It seemed like an elegant solution.”

GOP Mush Push Back Against Amnesty Push Polls

“In addition to my repeated suggestion that Republicans introduce bills to institutionalize the dangerous mentally ill and force the Democrats to defend the right of psychos to crap in libraries and shoot up schools, Republicans should take the public’s side on immigration,” says Ann Coulter.

“Democrats love to pretend their sucking up to illegals is all upside for them, but that’s because they lie even when taking polls. Liberals will claim that 99 percent of Americans favor national health care after taking a poll that asks: ‘Do you support Americans being nice to one another?'”

Gutierrez: “Legalize Everyone”

“President Obama has a ‘responsibility’ to act to reduce deportations, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) said Thursday. ‘I think the president can do more and I think he has the responsibility to do more,’ the congressman, who has been critical of the administration’s deportation policies, told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos,” reports.

“Immigration could prove to be a useful election-year issue for Democrats, but Gutiérrez said that doesn’t mean the president should avoid using his executive power to keep many undocumented immigrants from being sent back to their home country.”

GOP Tries to Shift Immigration Debate to Jobs

“A group of House Republicans is trying to shift the media’s focus in the immigration debate away from the proposed amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants and toward the 140 million Americans now trying to earn a decent living amid high unemployment and declining wages,” the Daily Caller says.

“’Amnesty is a component part of the overall issue and I tried to focus on the overall economic issue,’ Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, who issued a statement for the group, told The Daily Caller. ‘For me, the issue has always been about the damage that the president’s immigration policy will do to the American economy and to American workers.’”

“But only 16 House conservatives signed the letter, including Rep. Tom Cotton, who is running for a Senate seat in Arkansas.”