Where Are All the Deportations?

“Illegal-alien activists and their allies in Washington have staged vigils, occupied busy intersections and chained themselves to jailhouse fences in a coordinated campaign to persuade President Obama to declare an end to deportations, which they say have reached record levels under his administration,” says CIS’ Jessica Vaughan at the Washington Times.

“According to the federal government office that compiles and publishes immigration statistics, the Obama administration actually has the lowest number of deportations, and lowest average annual number of deportations since the Nixon administration.”

Children Used As Shield Against Deportation

“In fiscal 2012, an estimated 150,000 U.S.-citizen children had a parent deported, according to a study by Human Impact Partners, a health advocacy group,” the Washington Post writes.

“Those who oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants say these are the consequences of illegal activity. Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said that committing any kind of crime has ramifications for families and that immigration violations should not be exceptions.”

“’Children should not be used as human shields,’ Mehlman said. ‘Just because you have kids does not mean that they should shield you from the consequences of your own actions, which is knowingly violating the laws of the United States.’”

ICE Defends Against Charges It Helps Smugglers

“The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement defended the role of federal agents in transporting illegal immigrant children after a federal judge complained they were hand-delivering smuggled kids to parents in the United States,” FoxNews.com writes.

“’While the court’s comments did not relate specifically to ICE, it is clear that the transportation of unaccompanied children (UAC) by ICE personnel is appropriate and legal,’ acting Director John Sandweg wrote in a brief email obtained by FoxNews.com.

“The email was sent Monday and addressed to ‘all ICE employees.'”