Parole in Place Order by Obama Another Executive Amnesty

“Facing intense pressure from immigrant advocates who want the president to do more to limit deportations, the Obama administration has quietly issued a directive to help undocumented immigrants who are closely related to military personnel stay in the country,” the Christian Science Monitor writes.

“The effort is called ‘parole in place,’ and it aims to end rampant confusion among immigration officials about how to treat the parents, spouses, and minor children of those in active duty as well as veterans and reservists. Under parole in place, these relatives no longer have to leave the country to apply for legal US status – a situation that often resulted in the applicants being barred from reentering the US for years.”

Farm Lobby Keeps Up the Pressure for Amnesty

“This was supposed to be the year Washington legislators figured out a path forward on immigration reform. And even as the prospect of finding a solution in 2013 begins to fade, Lancaster County’s congressmen, Joe Pitts and Pat Meehan, believe there is hope reform might happen in the future,” says.

“And farmers have joined the fight largely because they depend on immigrants to do work too few local residents are willing to do. As many as 70 percent of agricultural workers are in the country illegally.”

“‘Immigrants play a big part in the farming community. Without their help I’m not sure how many of us would keep our businesses running,’ said Tony Brubaker, an owner of Brubaker Farms in Mount Joy.

“Agricultural leaders across the nation, and here at home, have been pushing for decades for comprehensive reform that would include a guest worker program and a shot at citizenship for farm workers.”

More Protests Target Deportation

“Police arrested eight people who had formed a human chain this morning in front of the Elizabeth Detention Center in protest of the government’s deportation policies. About 60 people chanted “not one more” and “education, not deportation” along industrial Evans Street, which houses the detention center, a nondescript beige one-story building operated by the private prison management company Corrections Corporation of America,” the Star Ledger reports.

“When Elizabeth police arrived around 7:45 a.m., eight of the protesters had formed a human chain across the street, their arms connected inside red two-foot-long PVC pipes.”

Media Bias Shows When Reporting Amnesty Claims

CIS Executive Director Mark Krikorian notes at National Review that reporting on deportations by the Obama administration takes amnesty supporters’ claims at face value.

“The factual assertion [about high deportations] is simply false. No matter how you calculate the number of people ‘sent away,’ it’s simply not true that Obama’s done more than ‘all other presidents combined . . . This isn’t a tangential matter. The advocacy groups are pressuring Obama to unilaterally stop all deportations (see the #Not1More campaign, for instance) and the claim about ‘record deportations’ is a central talking point in this effort.”