Mass Immigration Harms American Workers

“The Washington Post was shocked around Thanksgiving to find that Americans are suffering from unemployment, tenuous job security and a shaky economic future. But its compelling vignette of a collapsing country and a desperate people ignores the driving factor behind America’s decline — mass immigration and its devastating effects on American workers,” says Donald Collins in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

“We who seek rational immigration owe The Post our gratitude, as it has informed us about the fundamental choice in the immigration debate: more profits for the likes of Sheldon Adelson and Mark Zuckerberg — or a chance for John Stewart and millions more of our fellow citizens to live like human beings.”

Steve Case Says More Immigration Will Help Middle Class

“Middle class Americans face a tough future because robots and machinery are eliminating their jobs, according to Steve Case, an entrepreneur who earned roughly $1 billion by creating the first successful internet firm, America Online. But Congress could help the situation by passing an immigration bill that would import some foreign entrepreneurs and almost 30 million low-skilled workers over the next decade, Case told an audience of D.C. lobbyists and lawyers gathered on Tuesday by the business-backed Bipartisan Policy Center,” Fox News says.