Ask FAIR your immigration questions. | ImmigrationReform.comThis year’s legislative session is coming to a close and we’re digesting where we’ve been and what will happen next year. We know you’re talking to our Field Team and wondering what you can do to make sure we successfully stop an amnesty bill from making it to the president’s desk.

To that end, we at FAIR want to field your questions about this whirlwind year and what we expect in 2014. Submit them here on our blog in the comment section below, on Facebook or send us a tweet @FAIRimmigration. We will get back to you with a video message next week.

Here are some examples of questions we’ve received recently:

  • When will Congress adjourn this year?
  • Is the threat of amnesty over until the next election?
  • When will the House take up immigration legislation in 2014?

The fight against amnesty and for an immigration policy that serves our broad national interests is not over. Let’s keep the lines of communication open and work together to improve our country through a lawful and sustainable immigration system.