Friday afternoon, the Obama administration dealt another blow to the rule of law. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a new “policy memo” directing federal authorities not to enforce our immigration laws against a broad category of illegal aliens.

This time, the illegal alien relatives of active and veteran military servicemen and reservists will be allowed to remain in the country without the threat of removal.

Unlike the deferred action policy for young illegal aliens implemented in summer 2012, this memo allows not only a temporary reprieve from deportation but a status called “parole in place.” This designation will prevent an entire class of illegal aliens from being deported and allow them to apply for permanent residence and citizenship without having to leave the country – as is required by law.

What the president has done is categorically illegal. President Obama is not just ignoring immigration laws passed by Congress. He is outright violating the express instructions of elected officials and undermining the very government our military fights tirelessly to preserve.

In a statement, president of FAIR Dan Stein said:

“If the president wanted to exempt relatives of military personnel from deportation, he should have put a bill before Congress. Instead, he has once again chosen to bypass Congress and exercise broad powers not granted to him under the Constitution.”

President Obama’s political appointees at DHS have repeatedly issued directions to flout the law to benefit illegal aliens. When will the president respect our immigration laws? When will they be properly enforced? How can the House conceivably hand a massive amnesty to this president without any assurances that new laws will be enforced?

Dan Stein concludes:

“The Obama administration’s latest unilateral decision to change immigration policy demands that Congress act to rein in the abuse of discretionary authority by the Executive Branch, and hold the president accountable to enforce all of our immigration laws.”