New FAIR Radio Ad: Immigration Reform Does Not Mean Amnesty

Amnesty is not true immigration reform.


Immigration reform. Sounds like a good idea, right?

President Obama, Democrats, and amnesty supporters often use the term “immigration reform,” but their idea of reform is rewarding lawbreakers with legal status and a right to work in the U.S.

This approach is not reform. It’s amnesty. Real reform would fix our immigration system to serve Americans’ interests. Amnesty rewards illegal aliens and encourages more illegal immigration in the future.

Virtually everyone agrees that the immigration system we have now isn’t working. Unfortunately, the meaning of the term “immigration reform” has been hijacked by those who want amnesty for illegal aliens and even more expansive immigration, while doing nothing to rectify what is wrong with the current policy. FAIR’s ad campaign is designed to remind people that there are viable alternatives to mass amnesty, or the status quo.

Speaker John Boehner has committed to not negotiating with the Senate on their amnesty bill. That’s a good thing. Now, he and House leaders must commit to reform that protects American jobs, scarce government resources, and upholds the rule of law.



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  1. avatar Tom Jones says:

    Finally the sentence makes sense………….of course Immigration Reform would not be true if it were amnesty because simply put……………THis IMMIGRATION REFORM IS NOT AMNESTY…..

  2. avatar Steve Henderson says:

    you left a word..describing the 11 million “estimated” i would have said..congress is considering giving “amnesty’ to an estimated’ 11-23 million illegal aliens gut a 60 second ad can only hold so much . thank you for your efforts.. steve henderson winstson salem,nc

  3. avatar mileaway says:

    Great! Keep up the good work! Thank You!

  4. Let’s Hope It Doesn’t Take More World Economic Collapse

    To convince the American amnesty pundits that the road we’re currently on with overpopulation in America is also destroying Americans’ power to buy from the rest of the world, by incorporating low wage.


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