Once again, President Obama has made a speech about his immigration plans. Nothing new today, just more of the same. He stands in the East Room surrounded by his staff pretending this is some august occasion for ceremony. We were treated to an alternating series of platitudes and outrageous and false claims that his immigration plan would end illegal immigration while sending economic growth soaring.

Each day at FAIR we hear rumors of one Republican or another “drafting a bill in secret” or “negotiating for an amnesty in secret” as a swarm of lobbyists and ideologically-driven journalists seek to generate momentum around a non-issue. Each day we must investigate each rumor and, when verified, work to limit the damage. Today, we hear that Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) has drafted a limited amnesty bill. Why Issa? Why now?

The facts are simple. Any bill passed by the House becomes “amnesty bait” for the Senate bill. The House cannot conference with the Senate-passed amnesty bill. The Senate bill is flawed public policy. The Senate legislation reforms nothing. It fails to live up to the standards of good and effective public policy. The President’s claim that it will increase economic growth is true only if you accept the proposition that the average American family should become poorer as a result. Why should the left wing turn its back on American families? Because they calculate that the long-term political benefits of amnesty and more immigration justify an alliance with big business and the profiteers pushing low wages and entrenched poverty.

Where is a leader who can stand for Americans?