Study Finds 2nd Generation Immigrants More Likely to Commit Crimes

“New research shows that second generation immigrants in the U.S. may be more likely to commit crimes than their foreign-born parents. A recent Pew study found that the crime rate among second generation immigrants is significantly higher than the rate amongst first generation immigrants, even during turbulent teen years,” the Daily Caller writes.

“The survey concluded that 25 percent of second generation 16-year-olds were caught committing a crime within the last year, while only 17 percent of recent immigrants were guilty of criminal activity during the same time period.”

Amnesty Supporters Ready for Another Push to Pass House

“Several new efforts to push immigration reform through the House of Representatives by end of year have supporters once again rallying behind the stalled legislation, including a large demonstration last week at the National Mall in which eight congressmen were arrested. Also last week, Evangelical Christians announced their ‘Pray 4 Reform’ campaign urging Congress to pass a bill for moral reasons,” UPI reports.

“Policy experts who oppose the immigration legislation provided other opinions why they believe such reform is not in the best interests of Americans. ‘It has a detrimental effect on Americans who are job seekers,’ said Kristen Williamson, spokeswoman for the conservative Federation of American Immigration Reform. ‘Twenty-two million Americans are [un]employed or underemployed.'”

Obamacare, Not Immigration, A Big Hit for Obama With Hispanics

“Jonathan Alter’s recent book The Center Holds recounts President Obama’s attempt to mobilize Latino voters in 2012 after early focus groups were discouraging. They revealed that ‘Latinos liked the president personally but didn’t think he was effective. … They were largely unfamiliar with achievements like the auto bailout and the health care bill…’ How to respond? Not, it turns out, by talking about immigration reform,” says Mickey Kaus.

“The best way out of that hole was to educate Latino voters about Obamacare, which was immensely popular when Latinos learned the details. The pitch was much more direct than in Obama’s English-language media,” Alter wrote.

Another Illegal Alien Overstayer Gets Turned Loose

“Pascale Fusshoeller, an undocumented journalist from Luxembourg facing deportation after allegedly impersonating her wife during a Nevada City traffic stop last week, was released by immigration officials in Sacramento on Tuesday morning,” the Sacramento Bee reports.

“ICE took Fusshoeller into federal custody last Friday and ordered her deported based on the visa waiver she signed forfeiting her rights ‘to contest any action for deportation except to apply for asylum,’ according to the deportation order signed by Mike Vaughn, assistant field director for ICE in Sacramento.”