Illegal Aliens Protest Outside Prison, Funded by Soros

“Immigrant-rights protesters have chained themselves in front of an detention facility in Eloy, Ariz., and planned to blockade the main federal immigration office in Phoenix later Monday, hoping to stop anyone from being deported. The moves are the latest act of civil disobedience from activists who are demanding the Obama administration halt all deportations. Among the protesters were illegal immigrants,” the Washington Times reports.

“‘Undocumented – unafraid,’ the protesters chanted as they blocked the road at the facility Monday morning, which is southeast of Phoenix and is one of the busiest detention locations in the country.”

Worldnetdaily reported that, “Billionaire George Soros is a primary donor to the so-called immigrant-rights organization that has been blocking buses and carrying out other civil disobedience to block the deportation of illegal aliens, WND has learned.”

“On Friday, the National Day Laborers Organizing Network, or NDLON, carried out civil disobedience for hours in Tucson, Ariz. The protesters formed human circles around buses and even chained themselves to vehicles attempting to transport illegal aliens to the courthouse for processing.”

Amnesty Supporters Plan “Fly-Ins” to Swing GOP Votes

“During a rally on the National Mall last week, thousands of immigrants, union workers, civil rights activists and Democratic leaders called on the Republican-controlled House to pass a bill to revamp the nation’s immigration system. But a much smaller group heading to Capitol Hill later this month may be more influential over Republicans who are skeptical that an overhaul is a good idea,” USA Today writes.

“About 300 conservatives from around the country and with varying backgrounds — pastors, farmers, police chiefs, business owners — will arrive in Washington on Oct. 28 to meet with Republican lawmakers and make a conservative pitch for a new immigration law.”

“The fly-in is being organized not by conservative groups, but organizations that have focused on legalizing millions of people who are in the U.S. illegally and changing the legal immigration system to bring in more foreign workers.”

DHS Mandate Means More Illegal Aliens in Detention

“In the past five years, Homeland Security officials have jailed record numbers of immigrants, driven by a little-known congressional directive known on Capitol Hill as the ‘bed mandate.’ The policy requires U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to keep an average of 34,000 detainees per day in its custody, a quota that has steadily risen since it was established in 2006 by conservative lawmakers who insisted that the agency wasn’t doing enough to deport unlawful immigrants,” the Washington Post writes.

“But as illegal crossings from Mexico have fallen to near their lowest levels since the early 1970s, ICE has been meeting Congress’s immigration detention goals by reaching deeper into the criminal justice system to vacuum up foreign-born, legal U.S. residents convicted of any crimes that could render them eligible for deportation.”