Michelle Malkin: Jerry Brown Gave Away the Store

“As if the nail had not been driven into California’s coffin enough, along come a raft of new open-borders goodies for illegal aliens. Gov. Jerry Brown has now sanctioned the practice of law by law-breakers. He also signed measures that will make it even harder to detain illegal alien criminals, further endangering the law-abiding populace (what’s left of it, anyway). And it will now be a crime for law-abiding employers to tell suspected illegal alien employees that they will report their status to federal authorities (those who are left who might actually do something about it, anyway),” says Michelle Malkin.

Selective Shutdown – Illegal Immigrants Allowed to Set Up Rally on Closed Mall

“The Park Service will reportedly allow a pro-[amnesty] rally to occur on the National Mall even though the site is technically closed due to the partial government shutdown,” The Blaze reported.

“Organizers for the event, titled ‘Camino Americano: March for Immigration Reform,’ set up a stage and equipment for the Tuesday rally as the public was kept out. A spokesperson for the event told the Washington Examiner that the Park Service has granted them permission to utilize the site.”

California Agribusiness Lobby Pushes Amnesty on GOP

“The monuments and memorials in Washington are closed, due to the government shutdown. But Tuesday afternoon the National Mall will be the site for a march for immigration reform. Organizers say it’s they’ll have access to the mall because this is First Amendment issue. They promise “tens of thousands” will rally to push the House to follow the Senate’s lead and pass comprehensive immigration reform. It’s the same message delivered recently by California growers,” says KPCC raido.

“In between last week’s votes to delay parts of the Affordable Care Act and fund pieces of the federal government, California’s Republican House members met with organizations representing the state’s agriculture industry.”