While the National Mall is officially closed to everyone – including U.S. citizens, tourists and veterans of our foreign wars – the Administration is allowing a myriad of illegal alien groups to assemble in order to rally for amnesty.

Last week the news was dominated by images of World War II veterans being barred from their memorial on the National Mall, and then breaking through the barricades with help from Members of Congress.

Tuesday, groups and unions like the SEIU, Casa de Maryland, and the AFL-CIO claim thousands of amnesty supporters will gather on the Mall that is closed to Americans.

The National Park Service is not merely turning a blind eye to protesters spontaneously gathering on the Mall. They are, presumably under direction from the administration, allowing illegal aliens and their lobbyists to erect a stage, banners, and even jumbo-trons in order to support the interests of people in the country illegally.

There you have it. Under this Administration, the interests of illegal aliens trump honoring our “Greatest Generation.”