Pro-Amnesty Lobby Employs Army of Lobbyists

“[H]ow is it that some of America’s most powerful interest groups, which have joined forces to apply their considerable influence to get Congress to pass immigration reform, have failed so conspicuously?” asks Ross K. Baker in USA Today.

“The list is impressive. According to OpenSecrets.Org, a component of the Center for Responsive Politics, the 573 groups that have lobbied the [amnesty] bill (the majority being in favor) included Microsoft and the Christian Coalition; Facebook and the AFL-CIO; The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Roofing Contractors Association; The Human Rights Campaign and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.”

“Within the [amnesty] movement are members who dominate their own policy area but might be ineffective venturing into others. So while the National Association of Realtors might be successful in defending the home mortgage interest deduction, it has much less credibility in the field of immigration.”

34 Illegal Aliens in Custody After Border Crossing Stunt

“Thirty-four young migrants are in U.S. custody after trying to enter the United States without documents in the latest round of what is becoming a new tactic in confronting what they consider unjust U.S. immigration policies. U.S. immigration officials interviewed the group dressed in a colorful graduation caps and gowns late into the night Monday after they marched across one of the bridges connecting Mexico to Laredo while chanting ‘Undocumented and unafraid!'” ABC News wrote.

“There were several minors in the group, including 17-year-old Luis Enrique Rivera Lopez. He came to the border from Guasave in Sinaloa, a Mexican state that he had known only by its reputation for drugs and violence before going there from Los Angeles early last year.”

Jury Debates Charges Against Former Guatemalan Soldier

“A federal jury in California was set to debate Tuesday whether a former Guatemalan soldier lied on his U.S. citizenship application about his alleged role in an army-led massacre there three decades ago. The jury received the case of former special forces officer Jorge Sosa on Monday afternoon, after prosecutors said in closing arguments that Sosa was on the run from his violent past when he sought refuge in the United States,” the AP reported.

“If convicted of making false statements and obtaining American citizenship unlawfully, the 55-year-old Sosa could face 15 years in federal prison and lose his American citizenship.”