Big Business Renews Amnesty Demand

“While Congress was preoccupied with Syria on Tuesday, more than 100 businesses, including some of the nation’s largest companies, sent a letter to leaders of the House of Representatives reminding them not to forget about immigration. The letter — addressed to House Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the minority leader — was signed by 110 human resource executives for technology and communications companies like Motorola Solutions, Verizon and AT&T,” the New York Times writes.

“The businesses joined an array of supporters of an immigration overhaul who have spoken up this week, as Congress returned formally to Washington, to prod lawmakers to keep that issue on their agenda.”

Democrats Work to Defeat GOP Reps They Want to Vote for Amnesty

“House Democrats want to overhaul the nation’s immigration system. They also want to take back their majority in 2014. Those two goals have been at odds at times this summer. The Democratic Party’s main campaign arm for House races is targeting 17 Republicans-the number of seats the party would need to flip to regain control-who it believes are vulnerable in 2014. More than half of those are also on the list of GOP lawmakers who advocates of a broad immigration overhaul are hoping will join them in pushing legislation through the House,” the Wall Street Journal writes.

“The result: Some Democrats are working to oust the very Republicans that could be vital to kick-starting the stalling effort to pass broad immigration legislation.”

Amnesty Supporter Says Next 40 Days Critical to Passage

“Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) said Monday the fate of comprehensive immigration reform will be decided in the next 40 days, calling the condensed time frame a “critical” moment in the effort to open a pathway to citizenship for million of people.
The congressman made the comment Monday in a national teleconference with Catholic, Protestant and Jewish leaders from the Interfaith Immigration Coalition. They launched a campaign to pray, fast and push for immigration reform for 40 days,” The Hill says.

“On Friday, the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) wrote in an op-ed in the New York Daily News that Congress has a “once-in-a-generation chance” to pass immigration reform and fix a broken system.
That same day, Rep. Tom Cole, (R-Okla.) predicted the House will cancel its week-long recess it has scheduled for late September to tackle immigration.”

AFL-CIO Opens Membership to Non-Union

“The AFL-CIO on Monday opened the door to becoming a group that is more representative of the left than of its members. Facing what AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka called a “crisis” of membership, officials took the dramatic step at their annual convention of adopting a resolution that invites anyone in the country to join, regardless of union affiliation. The move faced stiff resistance from union officials who fear the AFL-CIO’s primary mission of representing workers will be left behind if the federation becomes a mouthpiece for liberal and progressive groups,” The Hill reported.

Paul Mulshine: Immigration Is Hurting American Workers

“If employers aren’t hiring at the current mimimum wage they’re obviously going to be hiring even less at a higher wage.
But the real issue these Democrats are evading is immigration. Democrats support amnesty and increased immigration because both increase the number of people likely to vote Democratic. But they neglect the impact high immigration has on the many people seeking to make their way out of poverty,” says Paul Mulshine at

“The more people competing for a job, the lower the salary an employer can offer. That’s simple economics. Watch the short video above in which David North of the Center for Immigration Studies makes that rather obvious point. After watching it, ask yourself why so many Republicans support amnesty and open immigration. Hint: It’s not because they love immigrants. It’s because they love the campaign cash they get from business interests.”