ICE Missed Chance to Deport Killer

“Months before the slaying of a 19-year-old Falls Church woman, immigration officials sought to detain the man now on trial in her death. But the Guatemalan native — held at the Fairfax County jail for a few hours on a public intoxication charge — was released without being fingerprinted and before federal immigration officials were able to file paperwork requesting that he be detained until they could take him into custody,” the Washington Times reports.

“‘We’re looking into a black hole here as part of the procedure and it should be a wake-up call for the public to ask how Fairfax County handles illegal aliens and what they do when ICE doesn’t send the paddy wagon,’ said Bob Dane, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.”

Sen. Graham Faces Primary Challengers

“Immigration reform’s potency as a GOP incumbent slayer will be put to the test in South Carolina, where Sen. Lindsey Graham faces three primary challenges and probably a fourth. If he blows them away, as currently seems possible, it could embolden Republicans to support legislation that gives illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. But if his race gets tough, GOP waverers would probably duck for cover, burying the chances of bipartisan reform,” The Hill reports.

“The Senate Conservatives Fund, a deep-pocketed Tea Party group, told supporters in an email following the Senate’s passage of the immigration bill that ‘we obviously have some house cleaning to do,’ and named Graham as one of three Republican senators it may target over the vote in 2014.”

Program Targets Security Threats Who Apply For Citizenship

“A previously unknown Bush administration program continued under President Barack Obama grants the FBI and other national security agencies broad authority to delay or squash the immigration applications of people from Muslim countries, according to documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union,” Mother Jones writes.

“Under the program, immigrants can be designated “national security concerns” based on the flimsiest of rationales, such as coming from a “suspicious” country. Other criteria that can earn an immigrant this label include wiring money to relatives abroad, attending mosques the FBI has previously surveilled, or simply appearing in FBI case files.”

Evangelical Amnesty Group Struggles to Rebut Critics

“Representatives of the Evangelical Immigration Table responded Tuesday to accusations that it is a movement of leaders without followers. They also announced an effort to use Congress’ August recess to press for immigration reform with $400,000 worth of ads in 56 key congressional districts,” reports.

“The argument that the EIT is mostly a “grasstops,” rather than “grassroots,” movement came recently from evangelical author Jonathan Merritt and Institute on Religion and Democracy President Mark Tooley. (A Christian Post analysis of these arguments can be found here. Responses to that analysis from Merritt and Tooley can be found here and here.)”