North Carolina Governor Vetos Bill to Weaken Protections for American Workers

“Governor Pat McCrory vetoed legislation today (HB 786), because it makes it easier for businesses to circumvent federal immigration law, which could allow more illegal immigrants to be hired in North Carolina industries,” said a statement posted yesterday.

“This legislation has a loophole that would allow businesses to exempt a higher percentage of their employees from proving they are legal U.S. citizens or residents,” Governor McCrory said. “Every job an illegal immigrant takes is one less job available for a legal North Carolina citizen. We must do everything we can to help protect jobs for North Carolinians first and foremost.”

Congressional Border Tour Discovers Dead Man in Rio Grande

“Rep. Leonard Lance was on a routine congressional tour of the Texas-Mexico border last week when the trip became a morbid reminder of the stakes involved in an immigration overhaul. Along with Reps. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, and Kevin Yoder, R-Kan., the New Jersey Republican discovered a dead body floating face down in the Rio Grande,” Roll Call reports.

“The trio of lawmakers were riding on border patrol boats along the dividing river as part of the last leg of a three-day border security tour when the convoy spotted the lifeless body of a Honduran man believed to have been killed in the ongoing Mexican drug wars.”

Slowing Immigration Helps Wages, Workers

“My friend Matt Miller rightly wants to find a way to make low-skilled service jobs pay enough to enable participation in normal ”middle class” life. He notes, hopefully, that there are many service jobs that can’t be offshored because they have to be performed here,” says Mickey Kaus at the Daily Caller.

“Here’s my plan: Stop importing unskilled immigrants until labor markets tighten and wages rise as employers compete for harder-to-get workers. Then admit immigrants only to the extent it won’t deny workers at the bottom reasonable wage increases.”