Poll Shows Majority Don’t Want More Foreign Workers

“A new poll shows that a large majority of likely voters nationwide do not support an influx of new foreign workers, complicating the prospects of immigration reform in the House. Opponents of the sweeping immigration reform bill passed by the Senate in June are focused on the nation’s 7.4 percent unemployment rate as a potential stumbling block for the legislation,” The Hill reported.

“A survey commissioned by NumbersUSA, a group opposed to increased immigration rates, shows 44 percent of likely voters want the government to reduce the number of permanent work visas issued. About 10 million new immigrants receive such work permits over the course of a decade under current rates.”

Zuckerberg, Hatch Hold Pro-Amnesty Roundtable

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s political advocacy group, FWD.us, is hosting a roundtable discussion on immigration reform Thursday in Utah that will feature the state’s senior senator, Orrin Hatch,” The Hill reported.

“The focus of the roundtable is the economic need for the U.S. to revamp its immigration laws, according to FWD.us, which was co-founded by Zuckerberg and former college roommate Joe Green earlier this year. In addition to Hatch, executives from Utah-based tech firms and investors will be on hand to participate in the discussion.”