Sen. Sessions Says Asylum Abuse at Border Should Put Brakes on Amnesty

“Accounts that U.S. border officials are facing a surge of Mexican immigrants claiming asylum by using a few key words prompted a top Republican senator to call for the pending immigration bill to be put on hold ‘until these abuses are ended,'” Fox News reports.

“Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., one of the most vocal critics of the comprehensive immigration overhaul being pushed on Capitol Hill, said the surge in asylum requests ‘has exposed another grave flaw’ in the implementation of federal immigration law.”

Rubio Says Congress Should Pass Amnesty to Avoid Obama Order

“If Congress doesn’t pass a comprehensive immigration reform law in the next year then President Barack Obama might be ‘tempted’ to legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants by executive order, Sen. Marco Rubio said Tuesday morning,” Politico reports.

“Stalling on Capitol Hill might force the president’s hand, the Florida Republican said. That could result in a mass legalization of undocumented immigrants without any of the reforms included in the Senate-passed immigration bill that Rubio played a key role in writing and negotiating. Rubio said continued delay in Congress could create a scenario in which the nation misses out on his bill’s technological advances along the border with Mexico, drones, cameras, more Border Patrol agents and a national E-Verify system.”

How the Border Asylum Claim Scam Could Backfire

“My belief that progressives are the biggest enemies of their own cause when it comes to immigration has only grown stronger over the past month as I watch the antics of the activists who call themselves the Dream 9,” says Miami Herald writer Glenn Garvin.

“If the Otay Mesa asylum claims continue and spread, a lot of people are going to be hurt, starting with the immigrants themselves. The Dream 9, operating in the world media spotlight and backed by an army of immigration lawyers, got out of detention almost immediately. Non-celebrity asylum applicants don’t walk that red carpet.”

“It will typically take them months to even get their first interview with an immigration officer, and the entire asylum process can stretch out for years. Some applicants — those with good lawyers, along with provable family ties or money to post a sizable bond — will be released on parole. Others will languish the entire time in an immigration lockup that feels pretty much like prison.”

Amnesty Opposition Mobilizing During August

Politico has a report on a rally by amnesty opponents in Richmond. “The groups participating in Monday’s rally plan to hit several other states in the coming weeks to send a similar message. Though details are not yet finalized, the so-called Stop Amnesty Tour will also wind through Harrisburg, Pa.; Dallas; Toledo, Ohio; and South Carolina during the August recess. King hopes to attend those rallies, too. Other groups involved in the effort include Tea Party Patriots and Eagle Forum.”

The paper notes that Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has been helping amnesty opponents during the recess and spoke at the rally yesterday in Richmond.